FHIR Roadmap for TEFCA Exchange V.2: FHIR APIs are on their Way into TEFCA Exchange

By Chris Muir & Alan Swenson – On December 11, 2023, ONC and the TEFCA Recognized Coordinating Entity, The Sequoia Project, released the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Roadmap for TEFCA Exchange V.2. This version updates the previous roadmap and continues the momentum already established by providing more details and guidance for the future of FHIR in TEFCA.

What is FHIR in Healthcare?

By John Ellis – One of the key players in the healthcare insights arena is FHIR. Let’s break down what FHIR is and why it’s so crucial in achieving true healthcare interoperability. What does FHIR stand for? FHIR, pronounced, as you might have guessed, “fire,” stands for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.

FHIR Factories Help Researchers use EHR Data

By Alison Kemp – Researchers, developers, and clinicians have new tools to help them access high-quality EHR data more effectively. A 2020 ONC LEAP in Health IT awardee, MedStar Health Research Institute, in collaboration with the Georgetown University Medical Center and HealthLab, developed two new data tools…

Payer Provider Data Sharing – A New World?

By Don Rucker, MD – Providers sharing data with payers has been anxiety-provoking and is often only as part of rework for appeals of denials of payment or prior authorization. Obviously, providers have been concerned that any data they give to payers would be used to lower their revenues from that payer.

What’s Happening at the ONC

Supporting the adoption of health IT and the promotion of nationwide health information exchange to improve health care, here is what is happening at the ONC, including an updated version of the SRA Tool, a new data brief on hospital use of APIs, and several fall events to attend.