Recently Published Healthcare Infographics

Healthcare Infographics – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Using a picture and visual graphics to represent data and information is called an infographic. It is a great way to display statistical data that shows comparisons or charts that come from research and reports. These are more healthcare infographics I have come across lately. See previously discovered healthcare infographics.

healthcare infographicsGoing Beyond Primary Care: Health Centers Transform Health Care in Local Communities

We start this time with an appropriate subject for the week. After all it is National Health Center Week. This infographic highlights America’s Health Centers that serve over 22 million people in low‐income and medically underserved communities. They are located in rural and urban communities where primary care services are needed but scarce. The infographic is brought to you by the National Association of Community Health Centers.

The Intersection of Healthcare and IThealthcare infographics

Health informatics connects the healthcare world with the information it needs while always looking for a better way to promote wellness and provide higher quality care and protect patient safety. The intersection of healthcare and IT shows how the healthcare industry is in need of more efficient, effective, and affordable ways to provide the highest quality and error-free care. This infographic is brought to you by the University of Chicago’s degree options for health informatics.

healthcare infographicsMoving Ahead with Mobile Health: Top mHealth Targets

This Mobile Health Infographic is derived from data published in 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Mobile Health. 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Mobile Health delivers a snapshot of mobile health (mHealth) trends, including current and planned mHealth initiatives, types and purpose of mHealth interventions, targeted populations and health conditions, and challenges, impact and results from mHealth efforts. This infographic is brought to you by the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

Healthcare and Social Mediahealthcare infographics

Social media often can help bring people together. This is evident in the use of social media by both patients and healthcare providers. See a detailed breakdown of just how hospitals are using social media. Social media users are most likely to trust posts by doctors over any other groups. See who they trust the most when it comes to posting health information. This Healthcare Infographics is brought to you by