Pulling Away From the Third Rail of Complications

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I spoke to Lawrence Kosinski, MD, MBA, the Founder and CMO of SonarMD (@SonarMD) a company offering a pathway to optimizing the treatment of patients with complex chronic conditions to improve outcomes and decrease costs.

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Dr Kosinski’s journey started when he took on the role of chairman of the American Gastroenterology Association (AGA) at a time when the healthcare industry was moving away from procedural payments. An especially acute problem for gastroenterologist who derives approximately 85% of their income from 1 procedure – colonoscopies. He started his journey with data persuading his local Blue Cross payor to share 21,000 patent claims data over the preceding 5 years for his specialty. The insights derived from eh analysis took him towards “High-Beta illnesses”. The term derives from the financial sector and their description of Hi-Beta Index funds. Listen in to hear why this is important and how we can use this concept in other areas o medicine and complex disease management and care.

The company name has an interesting origin story but here’s a hint.

Some of his incremental steps included:

  • Making a decision based on data
  • Have all parties cooperate so everyone is pulling in the same direction
  • Focus and Understand the Risk Management

Listen in to hear the incredible success to date with keeping patients out of the hospital and reducing costs and improving the quality of care as the first application approved under MACRA for the Phsycian focused payment model and as Dr. Kosinscki puts it

Pulling Away from the third rail of complications

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