Patients Don’t Care About Digital Transformation

Patient expectations continue to outpace digital transformation efforts, which means it has never been more important to make healthcare easier and more personalized. This will require leveraging the wealth of data and new technologies to create more robust and consistent patient experiences, as well as taking lessons learned from other industries and working collaboratively.

Join Chris Hemphill as they guide us through conversations with some of the leaders who see this new focus on digital transformation as a watershed moment for healthcare to keep iterating and see that this change continues far into the future.

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5 Major Takeaways:

  1. Quality patient experience has become a business advantage. In order to actually improve a patient’s experience, businesses need to define what “patient experience” means and how to improve it.
  2. As everyone gets older, more consumers will be digital natives. Adjusting the healthcare experience to them instead of the oldest generation is a wise move.
  3. Care is transitioning to the home. Instead of brick-and-mortar locations, many customers want more mobile, voice-activated, and online care.
  4. Raising our standards for healthcare and sharing crucial knowledge about the industry all around the world will improve and save thousands of lives. With such a worldwide focus and impact, we could see some disparities reduced.
  5. AI and technological implementation have been effective when tied with strategy and focused on finding opportunities or driving revenues instead of cutting costs. The approaches that help us grow are the ones that we should count on.

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Consumer experiences, major disruptors, and AI tech are shaping healthcare for years to come. On Hello Healthcare, we dive deep on these issues with leaders who are driving change. We hope that their stories will drive you to demand or create a better future.

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