Patient Experience 9-5-2018

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According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (@AHRQNews) “Patient experience encompasses the range of interactions that patients have with the health care system, including their care from health plans, and from doctors, nurses, and staff in hospitals, physician practices, and other health care facilities.” How can understanding patient experience improve and advance patient-centered care? What aspects of health care delivery fall under the umbrella of patient experience? We will explore answers to these questions and all of the ins and outs of patient experience in this series.

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InterviewsNOW: Host Carol Flagg (@carolflagg) talks with Sarah Hughes (@Sarah_Maria12), Director of Product Management, CareCloud (@CareCloud). Sarah drives the strategy and development of CareCloud’s patient experience management technology and on this episode discusses the rise of consumerism in healthcare from the small practice position.

To Read:

The State of Patient Engagement: 4 Trends to Watch in 2018
As the healthcare industry shifts to a value-based model, the need to increase patient engagement is at the forefront. Leaders in healthcare are seeking to improve the patient experience by implementing innovative patient engagement strategies that meet the expectations of their digital savvy patients. Liquid State offers four trends in patient engagement for 2018.

Build Brand Loyalty by Focusing on Patient Experience
HealthLeaders reports that customer experience is a field that is becoming increasingly important to health systems. Thanks to new ways to gather and organize data, health systems now have actionable information to improve patient experience, often in real time. These processes are enhanced by technology that uses natural language processing to detect patterns in that data.

Tools for Success:

Jellyfish Health
Founded in 2014 and based in Panama City, Florida, Jellyfish Health (@jellyfishhealth) believes the core success of a healthcare enterprise is driven by patients and their experiences. Jellyfish Health changes the patient experience journey before, during and after the patient visit, to help you meet your goals of creating brand equity and loyal patients.

In the News:

19 Recent Healthcare Tech Start-Ups Attract Instant Consumer Appeal, Black Book Survey
Providers and payers are confronting consumers’ newfound expectations of medical convenience, efficiency, and innovative technologies. Those demands are forcing healthcare delivery to be envisioned differently to drive and retain patient volumes. Nineteen recently-funded companies captured the approval of nationwide health consumers in a review of over two hundred start-ups for their potential to deliver in the advent of healthcare consumerism.

To Do:

4 ways to improve and maintain a quality patient experience
After attending a few conferences, Maureen Williams, Marketing Solutions Manager, Consumer Experience at MEDITECH, offers four takeaways to improve patient experience built around “the basics like culture, process, and relationships that will help you provide the care that your patients expect and deserve.”

The Patient Experience Matters … 5 Easy Ways to Improve It
Greenway Health (@greenway) believes the patient experience matters. Happy patients are likely to return, become more involved in their care, and refer others to your practice. Unhappy patients, meanwhile, may go somewhere else, or may even hesitate to seek care. They may also go online to post negative reviews about your practice, requiring additional social media management on your end. Greenway lists a few simple things you can do to improve the experience … starting today.

Upcoming Events:

HealthLeaders Media
When: September 10-12, 2018
Where: Scottsdale, AZ

Patient Engagement & Experience Exchange Join knowledgeable and high-performing leaders in a roundtable forum focused on advancing the patient experience. The HealthLeaders Media Experience Exchange brings executives together to acquire best practices that benefit their healthcare organization. Member-led, small-group sessions provide a forum for shared ideas and solutions to challenges with key concerns.

Society for Participatory Medicine
When: October 17, 2018
Where: Seaport World Trade Center, Boston
Event Hashtag: #SPM2018
Twitter: @S4PM

2nd annual Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM) – The #SPM2018 conference is unlike any other. The focus isn’t on a bunch of talking heads, it’s on groups of heads coming together to improve health care experiences. After all, two or more heads are better than one! A patient, a caregiver, a doctor, a nurse, a healer, a nutritionist, a trainer, a therapist, and others all need to have equal parts in our care. When they do is when the magic happens. The power is in the network.

When: December 11-13, 2018
Where: Nashville, TN
Super Saver Registration Ends: September 25

Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum When consumers do better, we all do better. AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum delivers ideas to help build and implement CX and digital health strategies that will break down barriers to better care and drive member loyalty. You’ll learn from startups and powerhouses, focused on topics at the forefront of the push to reinvent health care.