Patient Experience 5-14-2019

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According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (@AHRQNews) “Patient experience encompasses the range of interactions that patients have with the health care system, including their care from health plans, and from doctors, nurses, and staff in hospitals, physician practices, and other health care facilities.” How can understanding patient experience improve and advance patient-centered care? What aspects of health care delivery fall under the umbrella of patient experience? We will explore answers to these questions and all of the ins and outs of patient experience in this series.

To Listen:

HIMSS19 Highlight
On this interview, Will Reilly discusses the key trends and findings uncovered in its recent study, The VisitPay Report. The report distills consumer behaviors into discrete segments across health systems, and the results can be used to tailor patient financial experiences.


To Read:

Thinking differently about how to help health care: Reflecting on the #WTFIX-A-THON
Anna Greene reflects on the first-ever #WTFIX-A-THON – a hackathon to help health care. The event was held as part of TechFest Northwest’s annual conference and was an inspiring, exciting and different way to get a new group of people excited about fixing health care problems. The goal for the event was simple: to put real health care issues impacting the lives of patients, caregivers and their families in front of a new group of individuals who have the power to help drive change.

What Putting Patients First Really Looks Like
To improve patient experience, health care needs a culture change from one where we too often treat patients as though we are doing them a favor to a culture that places their needs at the center of everything we do. This may sound complicated, but it really isn’t rocket science. Small changes can make a big difference. Why don’t we all start by asking our patients what their greatest concern is? It’s a simple question that can lead to life-transforming care.


In the News:

Introducing the Experience Ecosystem: Reinforcing community, collaboration and the integrated nature of healthcare experience
On our journey to grow the experience movement and The Beryl Institute community, we have built a vibrant and dynamic network of committed professionals and practitioners, innovators and researchers, patients and family members, caregivers and partners from around the world. This network, through its commitment to “share wildly and ‘steal’ willingly”, first shared in acknowledging the experience era in which we now find ourselves, helped shape an Experience Framework introduced by the Institute last year (Figure 1). The Framework is comprised of eight strategic lenses that represent the broad and integrated perspective needed to ensure a comprehensive focus on experience. Aligning efforts on these lenses is essential to ensuring the ultimate achievement of experience excellence.


Collaboration News:

HealthSparq and DocASAP Partner to Streamline Access to Care for Health Plan Members
HealthSparq (@HealthSparq), a health care guidance and transparency technology company reaching more than 76 million health plan members, and DocASAP, the industry’s most advanced patient access and engagement platform for health systems, payors and physician groups, have announced a partnership to help health plans boost member satisfaction by improving access to quality, cost-effective and in-network providers.


New Products:

MobileSmith Health Advances Pre- and Post-Op Clinician-Patient Engagement through New App
MobileSmith Health (@TheMobileSmith), a company in the digital health and mobile development sector that is reshaping traditional healthcare, announced the launch of Perioperative Blueprints 4.0. The expanded app Blueprints include new functionality that tailors the patient experience both pre- and post-op with the introduction of “Peri,” which offers AI-based interactions that elevates patient literacy with conversational interfaces, video and images. EMR integration and new adherence tracking dashboards allow providers to readily assess risk factors for complications, cancellations or readmissions.


Making the Cut

LifePod wins Best of Show in Patient-Focused Software at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo
LifePod Solutions (@OurLifePod), the first proactive-voice caregiving service, has announced that it has won a Best of Show award in Patient-Focused Software at the 2019 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo. LifePod’s development partner, Newton-based Kanda Software, submitted LifePod’s Virtual Caregiver service for consideration to the awards program which recognizes the best of the innovative product solutions for life sciences on display at the annual conference in Boston.

Dynamic Digital Radiography Receives FDA Clearance
Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. (@KonicaMinoltaMI), announces that the transformative technology introduced at RSNA 2018, Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR), has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration. DDR represents the next evolution in X-ray imaging with the ability to capture movement in a single exam and is a fundamental change in the way clinicians can utilize radiography.


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