Patient Experience 1-23-2019

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According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (@AHRQNews) “Patient experience encompasses the range of interactions that patients have with the health care system, including their care from health plans, and from doctors, nurses, and staff in hospitals, physician practices, and other health care facilities.” How can understanding patient experience improve and advance patient-centered care? What aspects of health care delivery fall under the umbrella of patient experience? We will explore answers to these questions and all of the ins and outs of patient experience in this series.

To Listen:

InterviewsNOW – On this episode, host Shereese Maynard discusses patient experience and solving the waiting problem with Dave Dyell, CEO of Jellyfish Health (@jellyfishhealth), a provider of patient experience solutions.

To Read:

The Role of Nurse Executives in Patient Experience
A new white paper by The Beryl Institute (@BerylInstituteexplores the role of nurse leadership and the impact and influence nurse leaders can have to uncover the fundamental practices and actions which drive experience success. Published in collaboration with The Beryl Institute’s Nurse Executive Council, The Role of Nurse Executives in Patient Experience, provides three macro themes which positively impact patient experience success: elevating humanity, acting holistically by listening and engaging all individuals and acknowledging all voices.

A Story About How A Successful Outcome Doesn’t Guarantee A Positive Patient Experience
“It’s the patient’s (or customer’s) experience or memory of their experience that matters more than anything else,” according to Forbes.

Success At Cleveland Clinic And The Future Of Healthcare
Cleveland Clinic CEO Tom Mihaljevic outlines some of the key features that have earned top-ratings for Cleveland Clinic, one of which is patient experience. Mihaljevic says, “We’re very focused not only on quality of care but also the experience of care. We believe that patient experience is an important part of recovery and healing process, and this combination of quality patient experience and teamwork is what differentiates Cleveland Clinic from very many other providers in the field.”

America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience
The Women’s Choice Award (@WomensAwardhas given their seal to 100 hospitals for best patient experience. The Women’s Choice Award is a symbol of excellence in customer experience awarded by the collective voice of women. When you see the Seal, know that women in your community and across the nation have rated that business as a business they trust to give you the kind of respect, customer service, assistance and buying experience you expect and deserve.

In the News:

Patient experience surveys exempted from national data opt-outs
Digital Health reports that he national data opt-out – a means by which people can prevent their confidential patient data from being used for research and planning purposes – would not automatically apply to national patient surveys.

2018 Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award
The Guardian of Excellence Award  (@PressGaney) honors clients who have reached the 95th percentile for patient experience, engagement or
clinical quality performance. Guardian of Excellence Awards are awarded annually to clients who sustain performance in the top 5% for each reporting period for the award year. Find out which organizations made the cut in 2018.

Walgreens CEO: Microsoft Will Help Create ‘Ecosystem’ To Simplify Healthcare
In an interview Tuesday morning following the blockbuster announcement that Walgreens has formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft, the Italian billionaire said Microsoft’s products, which include the Azure cloud and artificial intelligence platform, will help Walgreens improve the customer and patient experience as the two giants develop new healthcare delivery models, technology and solutions to help manage chronic conditions. Financial terms of the partnership weren’t disclosed.

Leading Sports Medicine Doctor Accelerates Diagnosis and Enhances Patient Experience With The SONON 300L Portable Wireless Ultrasound
Healcerion (@healcerionannounced that one of the top doctors in sports medicine Dr. Vijay Vad chose to use SONON 300L to accelerate patient diagnostic process while improving patient relationships through deeper insight and high quality real-time image sharing, conveniently located in his pocket.

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