ONC Seeks Input on Consumer eHealth Strategy

ONC Collaborates with Cornell Univ. on Public Input

The Planning Room is designed and operated by the Cornell eRulemaking Initiative(CeRI). According to the organization’s website, the Planning Room is part of an open government project with a goal to “improve public participation in policymaking by government agencies.”

On Monday the ONC began its collaboration with Cornell University and will be using the Planning Room to seek public input on various aspects of the agency’s Federal Health IT Strategic Plan.  First up, Consumer eHealth Strategy.  From the website:

Empower Individuals through Health IT to Improve Health and Health Care
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) wants public input to update the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan. This Plan outlines goals and strategies for the nationwide shift to electronic health records and information exchange, and for creation and spread of new health information technologies. On this site, you can learn about these issues and be part of the public discussion that will shape the new Plan. From now through May 9, 2013, the topic for discussion is Consumer eHealth. Whether you’re a patient, consumer, provider, insurer or IT developer, you should have a voice in this process!

Interested parties looking to engage in this discussion and comment can visit the PlanningRoom from now through May 9, 2013.