On This Shift with Dan Marino and Lucy Zielinski

This summer we have asked our radio hosts to invite our podcast hosts on their shows to get to know them. On this episode, Tom Foley talks to Dan Marino & Lucy Zielinski from Value-Based Care Insights podcast.

Host Tom Foley invites Lucy Zielinski and Daniel J. Marino from Lumina Health Partners, the producer and host of the podcast, Value-Based Insights. Highlighting an article, “Telehealth is Primed for Growth Despite Post Lock-Down Fade”, they discuss where telehealth fits into value-based care. And also highlighting Dan’s article, “A Blueprint for Building a Risk Ready Healthcare Organization.”

Tom Foley
Host of The Virtual Shift
Twitter: @FoleyTom
Show: The Virtual Shift

Daniel J. Marino
Managing Partner, Lumina Health Partners
Twitter: @DjmarinoHD
Show: Value-Based Care Insights

Lucy Zielinski
Managing Partner, Lumina Health Partners
Show: Value-Based Care Insights