Non Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I talked to Phil Bosua (@philbosh), CEO at Know Labs (@TheKnowLabs). Phil has a long and interesting background as an inventor and early producer of apps making over 600 before he moved on to invent the portable scanner “ScanBox” and LIFX – the reinvented wifi-connected color-tunable light bulb. He partnered with Ron Erikson to found Know Labs where they are using other parts of the light spectrum – in their case Bio-RFID (Body-Radio Frequency Identification) to carry out spectroscopy (video explainer) on molecules circulating in our bodies using radio frequency spectroscopy.

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The company started out focusing on health and wellness and was looking to count calories and used the glucose circulating in the bloodstream as a proxy but as they developed this technique it became apparent that the glucose molecule was important for many more reasons than nutrition with the potential to impact millions of people who suffer from Diabetes and need to monitor their glucose levels in real-time to manage their disease.

We discuss the potential for the technology to be applied in many other areas with a non-invasive monitor that is tuned to different molecules and Phil shares his incremental process to innovation that included hundreds of steps and refinements built on the insights developed from each stage of development. As he puts it he has hundreds of failed experimental antennas that demonstrate the process for each element of the design of the device – much like the story of all the things that go into making the “simple” pencil.

Listen in to hear where Know Labs are in the development of their Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (NICGM). Having proven the technology they have reached the prototyping phase for the device and are working through the FDA process for approval for the device while they refine the technology to minimize it and speed up the data processing to offer real-time Glucose levels.

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