New Program Helps Hiring Professionals Understand Health IT Industry

Certified Healthcare Technology Hiring Professional (CHTHP)

EMRapproved Releases Health IT Recruitment and Training Program for HR and Hiring Professionals

In an effort to help recruiters and human resource professionals better understand the unique hiring principles in healthcare IT (HIT), and (a subsidiary of the EMRapproved Corporation) have released an online training and certification program to help hiring managers better understand the healthcare technology industry and improve their recruitment efforts. Within their 4MedMarketplace, EMRapproved has also launched a new HIT Employment Directory to help job seekers in the industry find skilled HIT recruiting firms and professionals.

“With the healthcare industry expected to suffer shortages of over 50,000 healthcare IT workers nationwide, helping recruiters and hiring professionals learn how to identify strong candidates for these roles will be critical to the successful adoption of health IT in the medical community,” says Cherie Lester, co-author of the course, senior healthcare IT recruiter and popular industry blogger. “The program is written specifically for all who are tasked with hiring in healthcare to familiarize them with electronic medical records, healthcare information technology and the medical industry.”

All 4MedTraining healthcare IT certification programs are designed for practical application of knowledge with a format for skills retention using self-paced online lessons, audio/video review and hands-on EMR practice exercises to better understand electronic medical record workflow.

“We are committed to finding ways to help the medical community succeed in adopting health IT,” says EMRapproved CIO Wendy Whitmore. “Our creation of courseware in partnership with skilled and credentialed industry professionals helps build a platform of learning on important EMR and HIT topics. In addition to the training, EMRapproved also supports interactive collaboration among HIT professionals through their social networking site.”

The new course has been titled “Certified Healthcare Technology Hiring Professional (CHTHP),” and along with other courses in the 4MedTraining program (including Certified EMR Office Professional [CEOP]), it has been approved for Continuing Education Units and contact hours for college credit by the ANCC and IACET (in association with Corexcel). These courses are also available as part of larger courseware offerings, and they have been approved by the WIA program in Illinois through a strategic partnership with Focus Partners and their workforce retraining initiatives.

For an introduction to the authors of the program and to gain a better understanding of what the course offers for HR professionals, Lester and Whitmore will be hosting a free webinar on December 18th to provide an introductory lesson in identifying best HIT candidates. Interested attendees may register by clicking here:

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