New eJournal Looks to Synthesize Data from Clinical Research Projects

Clinical Research Outcomes Will Be Focus of New e-PublicationeGEMs Focuses on Clinical Research, Patient-centered Outcomes

Last week the announced the official launch of eGEMs. The peer-reviewed e-publication will focus on ideas and practices to advance the understanding of clinical research for improving patient and community outcomes.

“Traditional peer-reviewed journals largely focus on the end result of a research project—the outcomes or findings—and less on the procedural, technical, and methodological building blocks that generate research findings … the traditional approach tends to narrow-in on the ‘destination’ of scientific discovery rather than the ‘journey,'” writes eGEMs Editor-in-Chief Erin Holve , Ph.D., in the opening commentary. “In big science, particularly in big, collaborative, multi-disciplinary science using electronic clinical data, there are a lot of moving parts, a lot of sub-analyses, and a lot of contributors whose more granular contributions to the ‘journey’ have scientific merit and are useful to the community. This is where eGEMs comes in.”

eGEMs is a product of the Electronic Data Methods (EDM) Forum and is sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The publication seeks submissions for peer review in four main areas: analytic methods, clinical informatics, governance, and the learning health system. The publication offers authors with a work focus on issues related to electronic clinical data to advance clinical research an opportunity to undergo a double-blind peer-reviewed process. An example given of a paper submitted for peer review in the first issue is “In Search of a Data-in-Once, Electronic Health Record-Linked, Multicenter Registry— How Far We Have Come and How Far We Still Have to Go“.

All submissions are published upon acceptance. If you are interested in submitting or learning more, contact or read the submission guidelines  on the eGEMs site.
In addition to eGEMs, AcademyHealth continues its relationship with its official journals Health Affairs and HSR, leaders in the publication of outstanding papers in health policy and health services research.