Accelerating Progress in Patient Safety

By Jeffrey Brady MD MPH & David Meyers MD – Last March, during national Patient Safety Awareness Week 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic. As we commemorate PSAW 2021—an annual event organized by our partners at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement — we celebrate the healthcare professionals who worked tirelessly this year to ensure the safety of patients.

Defining the New AHRQ: A Race for 21st Century Care

By Gopal Khanna MBA – What does a digital revolution mean for patient health? How will investments in data and technology transform the way healthcare is delivered in the United States? What new research and scientific evidence do we need to improve the delivery of care?

Re-imagining AHRQ’s Insight Platform

By Gopal Khanna MBA & Joel Cohen PhD – As COVID-19 has continued its unrelenting advance across the Nation, urgent questions have confronted an often overwhelmed healthcare system: How many hospital beds are available in different locations around the country? How many are currently occupied? What is the capacity of hospitals to provide ICU and ventilator care?

CAHPS®: 25 Years of Putting the Patient First

By Gopal Khanna MBA & Caren Ginsberg PhD – “Nothing about me, without me.” This adage—coined by a patient advocate in 1998—is the essence of patient-centered healthcare. It implies that every action in healthcare must be undertaken with the patient in mind, every decision made in consultation with the patient.