Meaningful Use Objectives for EPs

There are 25 objectives in stage 1 for Eligible Professionals. To become a meaningful user of certified technology, an EP must meet 15 core objectives and defer 5 of the 10 menu objectives for 90 consecutive days. Certified technology only gets the “complete” seal of approval if the EHR system actually has the functions to meet the 25 objectives. These are the very basics of becoming a meaningful user.

We have done a lot of recordings in the past 2 years that try to help explain the HITECH Act and the path to meaningful use. Our latest 5 part series discusses in detail each of the 25 objectives. It is not enough for a practice just to know what the objectives are, they must realize how each will be incorporated in workflow and system integration. An EHR implementation plan must begin with the 25 objectives. It must begin with the complete understanding of each objective.

Objectives are divided into 5 priority outcomes. Each objective uses specific terms that are defined. Each objective has a specific measure to meet by either affirmation or a percentage basis. The percentage base is calculated on actions or subsets of patients and all patients seen. Some objectives have exclusions which might or might not relate to your practice. And most importantly, what exactly does the objective mean?

The five hours of recordings are now completed and posted in the VEC. You can find the series in the EP Basics library wing. Each part of the series takes objectives that are related in content and discusses each one in detail. Download the presentation handouts and take notes on what your practice will do or are doing about each of the objectives. If you have not started your quest for EHR adoption yet, begin here and view the series. If you have already started, review here and view the series to be sure you have incorporated all objectives in your implementation.

We begin taking apart the 24 objectives for Hospitals in the same manner starting March 1.

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