Learn About the EHR Incentive Program Audit

MU Audits are Happening – Are You Prepared?

Jim Tate is a nationally recognized expert on the CMS EHR incentive programs and the “meaningful use of certified technology”. He brings a unique combination of skills to successfully address the complex and changing issues surrounding the CMS EHR Incentive Program including the audits and appeals process. This week we are featuring resources and events that will help you learn more about the audit process.

 EHR Incentive programs audits for Hospitals

Download this presentation of Jim’s which covered best practices to avoid an EHR incentive audit as well as lessons learned from hospitals that have experienced the pain brought on from an audit.

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Mock Audits for Hospitals
Contract a mock audit of EHR Incentive attestation(s) based on requirements, tools, and processes employed by current CMS EHR Incentive audit contractor. Get clarification and guidance on proper documentation of MU attestation process, document production, and storage. Learn more.


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MORE For Your Practice will bring you more ideas, more resources, and more support for your practice. The show is produced by Practice Manager Solutions with your host Rebecca Morehead. This week a special show with Jim Tate discussing MU audits.

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Learning Lunch
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Learning Lunch is brought to you by 4Medapproved. Tune in weekdays at 1pm ET for the featured show of the week. This week Jim Tate discusses MU Audits.

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The Tate & Hartley Show stars America’s faviorite EHR experts Jim Tate and Carolyn Hartley. Join them on their weekly adventure bringing health care records into the 21st Century! This week they will be discussing MU Audits.

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June 16-17 in San Diego.
Privacy & Security Forum
Attend this two day forum in San Diego on June 16th and 17th. Jim will be speaking on MU audits. Learn more about this event.