June Health IT Conferences and Events

Upcoming Health IT ConferencesUpcoming Health IT Conferences

There are plenty of health IT conferences, conventions, symposiums and forums coming up this summer. You can check out our Health IT Events Calendar for the latest information. Here are some highlighted events, in the month of June, that may be destinations of interest.

9th Annual Government Health IT Conference & Exhibition
Date: June 11-12, Washington DC

Do you want to get engaged in discussing topics about increasing efficiency and lowering costs for a more robust looking healthcare landscape? At the 9th Government Health IT Conference and Exhibition there will be a range of panel discussions about reducing the cost of healthcare. These panels will make use of case studies, demonstrations, and presentations by experts and policy makers within the field. In addition to being an incredible educational experience, this venue also looks to be a promising networking opportunity with professionals in policy making, executive agencies, and clinicians.

ACO Summit
Date: June 12-14, Washington DC

The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Summit is part of the 2013 DC Healthcare Innovation Week, June 8 – 16 celebrating the role of innovation in transforming the nation’s healthcare system. The Summit will look to discuss remaining barriers and strategies for resolving the challenges facing widespread ACO implementation. Some of the learning goals outlined by this summit include identifying various strategies to improve health care access for vulnerable populations with complex medical issues, identifying programs and reimbursement policies that encourage provider/payor collaboration, and identifying various performance measurement tools that can help ACO’s identify high-risk patients and intervene to achieve better care at a lower cost. This Summit will also include an address by keynote speaker Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR).

Cloud Slam ’13
Date: June 18, Santa Clara CA

Cloud Slam ’13, in its fifth year, will focus on how the use of advancing cloud technologies can propel professionals, across a broad range of fields, to tackle computational and business challenges that arise in daily functions. This conference will include many informational sessions including presentations on Lessons Learned from Deploying Clouds in Healthcare, The Hybrid Cloud: Collaborate and Share Content with External Entities while Protecting Confidential Information, and Meeting Meaningful Use and Collaborative Care Goals by adopting Cloud-based Solutions. Testimonials from professionals at successful corporations such as Dell, Microsoft, and Advanced Micro Devices show the credibility and value that the Cloud Slam conference has to offer.

2013 Annual Physician-Computer Connection Symposium
Date: June 25-28, Ojai CA

For more than two decades, the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS) has organized the Physician-Computer Connection Symposium. Some items of interest on this year’s agenda include HIE and Interoperability, Business Intelligence in Healthcare and Healthcare Analytics. These presentations will seek to be very interactive forums, which will promote a dialogue among the physicians, CMOs, clinicians, vendors, and consultants that will be in attendance. Learn more about the 2013 Annual Physician-Computer Connection Symposium.