Is Your Budget Being Eaten Up by Legacy Applications? Have Your Say

Bridgehead-SurveyLegacy applications – if your healthcare organization is like most, you have a lot of them. You may not use them, or even access them much, but you probably still spend a lot of time and money on them.

Healthcare industry analysts believe that hospital IT departments spend about 75% of their time maintaining these legacy applications and data. In fact, some healthcare facilities estimate that they spend more money on legacy application licensing costs than they do on IT wages.

BridgeHead Software has launched a global survey to establish the number of IT applications that hospitals in the UK, Ireland and North America have to maintain in order to preserve the data that resides in them, as well as to determine the types of data they store.

In return for completing the survey, BridgeHead Software will share the results and analysis with respondents and they will be entered into a prize draw for the latest Moto 360 smart watch.

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