Is Telemedicine Now The New Normal In Primary Health Care?

By Allan Max, Medcare MSO
Twitter: @medcaremso

Technology is helping health care practices in multiple ways. Telemedicine is one such aspect. Since the rise in Covid-19 cases in the US, more and more patients started opting for telemedicine. Even now, it is widely opted by a variety of patients.

In simple words, telemedicine is now becoming the new normal in the health care industry. Despite this fact, many practitioners and patients want to know is it the result of the new normal? That’s what we’ll take a look at in this article.

The Rise in the Trend of Telemedicine

If we look at some stats, there is a significant rise that can be observed. In simple words, yes telemedicine is now becoming the new normal in primary health care. There are various reasons for the rise in this trend. Here are a few of them.

  1. A Cheaper Alternative
    Telemedicine is definitely a less costly alternative to routine healthcare treatment. This is because it cuts the operational cost of most of the clinics by a good margin. On the other hand, it also saves patients from the hassle of visiting the clinic. For less complex health issues, patients often don’t require an admission which also lowers the cost. An average telehealth care appointment costs around $80 compared to around $150 for a regular checkup. So, it is comparatively cheaper.
  2. It is Convenient
    When we talk about telemedicine, convenience is something that comes to our mind. That’s because in telehealth practice you do not have to physically go to a clinic. You end up saving the commute cost plus it is hassle-free. So, telehealth is definitely convenient and this is one main reason why the majority of patients opt for this option.
  3. Quality Treatment
    With telehealth, your routine visit checkups or even a personalized appointment follows pretty much the same procedure as a routine checkup. So, this healthcare module also ensures quality treatment. That is why when patients receive the same level of treatment, they prefer the telehealth practice.
  4. Covered By the Majority of Insurances
    Initially, telemedicine wasn’t being covered by many of the insurance companies. However, due to the pandemic and some strict restrictions, remote medical assistance services were needed. Therefore, now most of the insurance companies cover telemedicine appointments. So, when such convenient healthcare services are being covered by the insurance, there was no reason for the majority to not opt for this healthcare module.
  5. It is the Need of the Hour
    No matter the benefits of telehealth care, this kind of service is a need of an hour. There are many reasons to support this claim. From the convenience it offers to the lower costs, telemedicine has become a new normal in this industry.

Final Words

So, to sum up, telemedicine has become a new normal in the health care industry. It’s those benefits that we listed plus the added convenience which encourages patients to prefer telehealth care instead of standard health care modules.