InterviewsNOW: Timothy Mills, Chief Growth Officer, Alpha II

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Guest: Timothy Mills, Chief Growth Officer, Alpha II
Twitter: @Alpha_II

On this installment of InterviewsNOW, I talk with Timothy Mills, the Chief Growth Officer for Alpha II.  Our conversation focused on provider reimbursement and specifically on the MIPS program.

Timothy addresses the following.

  • What do healthcare providers really need to know about MACRA/MIPS as they look to maximize their reimbursement in 2018?
  • CMS just announced the change of ACI, which is Advancing Care Information under MIPS and what was meaningful use for eligible providers, to PI or Promoting Interoperability. What message does this send the industry?
  • Healthcare reimbursement – what is it going to take to make it less complex – for the provider, for the payer, for the patient? What is the industry doing now to ease this process and where are we going?
  • How is the ongoing growth of Patient Financial Responsibility impacting physician practices as the shift to higher deductible health plans has turned the patient into the payer?

About Alpha II
Alpha II’s software-as-a-service products support coding, compliance, claims and encounter editing and revenue analysis for healthcare professionals, clearinghouses, and government entities—both directly and through software developers. Beginning with the initial input of patient data through the final scrutiny of the payer’s remittance advice, Alpha II empowers precision across the reimbursement process. The company’s toolsets, data content, and rules engines currently plug and play with electronic health record, practice management, revenue cycle management, and hospital information systems to help their customers comply with the latest policies, standards, and directives.

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