Integrating Patient Data

Addressing Health Inequity

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I spoke with Lucie Ide, MD, PhD, founder of Rimidi, one of HIMSS’ Most Influential Women in Health IT, and one of Healthcare Global’s Top 10 Influential Women in Healthcare Technology. Lucie had an interesting background in physics and signal analysis prior to entering a career track in medicine. She went through multiple implementations of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) that as one physician noted in a training session, the EHR was pushing clinicians to take on roles and activities that had previously been done by clerks, nurses and other supporting staff making the technology the focus and limiting capacity to work at the top of licenses. Along the way discovering that despite having the data and knowing how to positively impact patients’ lives and clinical outcomes the system was failing.

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This became the genesis of Rimidi a cloud-based solution designed to integrate data and personalize data from the home and remote settings into the broader healthcare system. One of the incremental insights was the importance of understanding customer requirements, especially at the clinical work face.

With the addition of FHIR to the interoperability standards which, while not perfect is the best available option currently and has been working well to make progress in effective remote patient monitoring. As the COVID19 pandemic crisis raced around the globe they found themselves well-positioned to enable better home monitoring that could provide automated screening of individuals in their home setting and early warning capabilities that eased the burden that was overwhelming the clinical staff, already suffering burnout any high rates (COVID-19 underscores the need for more innovation, integration in healthcare).

Listen in to hear how the COVID19 pandemic laid bare the social disparities of healthcare delivery and outcomes and how Lucie and her team are using the crisis to make incremental steps to fix problems in healthcare. Lucie also shares some exciting news of the new working group “HEAL” that she is leading that together with the CTA and Connected Health has been launched to seek solutions to these pervasive problems.

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