Impact of the National Election and New Value Based Care Models on the Healthcare Industry

panel discuss imagesLast year we began hosting virtual round table panel discussions addressing our industry’s most pressing topics. Our first two events tackled Interoperability and Cybersecurity, with over 1,000 people registering and attending each event to watch and hear industry thought leaders share their views.

Now we’re taking on two more topics as our National election looms and a new administration takes office, layered on top of the healthcare industry’s transition to new value-based care models.

No matter what the outcome in November, 2017 will be a challenging year and our thought leaders on both panels will offer their insights on how we move forward.

Both virtual events take place the third week of August. You can check out the details below and register for each event.  As always, all our educational events are complimentary.

August 16, 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT
Impact of the National Election on Healthcare

On this special 1 hour webcast, Healthcare De Jure host Matt Fisher (@Matt_R_Fisher) will chat with Health IT Strategist Justin Barnes (@HITAdvisor), Forbes writer Dan Munro (@DanMunro), and futurist Devin Jopp (@DevinJopp), on the impact the National election will have on healthcare and healthcare reform. The four will discuss:

  • The Candidates and the Parties: Policy and Party Platform Predictions
  • Impending Impact on Developing Regulations Including MACRA and the Proposed Rule to Re-do Drug Payments under Medicare Part B
  • The Election’s Impact on the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • The Emergence of Populist Movements – Will there be a Sustainable Impact on Healthcare
  • The Future of Healthcare – Where Are We Going

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August 18, 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT
Healthcare Industry Transition to Value-Based Care

The transition from traditional fee-for-service (FFS) reimbursement models to models based on value-based care is one of the greatest challenges healthcare organizations and providers will face in the next few years. While the new model proposes to drive improvements to the delivery of care and health outcomes, providers will need to prepare for the impact of these emerging payment models to ensure success in this new paradigm and avoid lower reimbursement rates and financial penalties.

On this event, we host four industry leaders for a one- hour virtual panel discussion on value-based care. The discussion will be moderated by Fred Goldstein (@FSGoldstein). Our panelist are Dr. Denise Basow (@Wolters_Kluwer),  Rob Tennant (@MGMA), and Sean Cassidy (@ZirMed). The group will discuss and address:

  1. An overview of how we got here
  2. Benefits and potential pitfalls of the value-base care model
  3. How existing and emerging models (ACOs, PCMH, P4P and Bundles Payments) are impacting the industry
  4. Impact of MACRA legislation
  5. How providers can successfully make the transition

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