Human-Centered Design to Create More Efficient Workflows for Clinicians

A Conversation with Marcus Perez

Marcus Perez serves as President at Altera Digital Health (@AlteraHealth), bringing experience in implementing a positive and productive culture through business acumen, collaboration, and operational discipline. Altera Digital Health primarily serves hospitals and large physician practices and enables clinicians to focus on their patients, rather than spend too much time interacting with technology.

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Host Jim Tate talks to Marcus Perez, the President of the global company Altera Digital Health. Altera offers health IT designed to enable clinicians at hospitals and large physician practices to spend more time with patients and less interacting with technology.

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The American Hospital Association has released a series of reports that showed hospitals and health systems will continue to face pressure on staff and resources while also dealing with rising expenses across the board in 2023. Deloitte’s health system financial forecast is “exceptionally turbulent.” As health system leaders navigate their financial constraints and look for technology solutions to address their challenges, what does Altera Digital Heath have that is on the must have list and why?