HIMSS Analytics Model Reflects Progress of EHR Adoption by Hospitals

HIMSS Analytics Model Reflects Progress of EHR Adoption by Hospitals

HIMSS Analytics Releases EHR Adoption Progess

The HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAMSM) identifies and scores hospitals on an 8-stage scale for moving to a complete paperless environment. Adopted in 2005, the model benchmarks the progress made by healthcare organization across the country on a scale of 0 – 7. A hospital achieving a top stage 7 score means the organization has moved to a near paperless environment and can demonstrate data exchange and interoperability capabilities. The model is intended to aid CIOs in developing a strategic plan for electronic health record adoption. You can read a detailed description of each stage of the HIMSS model. You can also learn more about the HIMSS model delivered in this YouTube video.

HIMSS Analytics recently released data showing the affect of meaningful use on EHR adoption. The analysis looks at the five last quarters starting with the first CMS EHR incentive payments issued to hospitals in 2011. The data revealed three significant trends:

  • The number of acute care hospitals achieving EMRAM stage 5 or 6 has increased by more than 80%
  • The number of acute care hospitals achieving stage 7 saw an increase of 63%.
  • The number of hospitals at stages 0 – 3 has decreased by at least 10%.

According to a statement on the HIMSS Analytics website:

This data suggests that the HITECH portion of the 2009 stimulus law is achieving its intended result of encouraging increased implementation and meaningful use of electronic health records among hospitals,” said John Hoyt, FACHE, FHIMSS, Executive Vice President of HIMSS Analytics.  “Hospitals are lag indicators of economic conditions. This information indicates that despite the recession, hospitals are continuing to see the value of investing in health IT to improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of patient care.”

We will no doubt here more about these results at the HIMSS Conference in New Orleans. You can read more about the findings here.