Healthcare Data Breaches Highest Amongst All Industries

By Steve Spearman, Founder and Chief Security Consultant for Health Security Solutions
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Cyber security news site Dark Reading recently posted an article outlining data breaches from the last decade. They reported that the healthcare industry has had more security breaches than any other industry in the past ten years. In total, healthcare accounted for almost 27% of all reported security breaches. Since breaches that affect under 500 persons are not “reportable”, this number is likely much higher in reality.

In addition to having more breaches than other industries, healthcare also had more problems with “missing devices”. This was the most commonly reported type of breach, with missing devices (read: stolen or lost) accounting for 60% of all data breaches in healthcare. In contrast, missing devices only comprised 41% of the data breaches for all industries combined.

To make matters worse, the healthcare industry also accounted for 29.8% of all identity theft cases and had a larger insider breach problem than any other sector (17.5% of the total number of healthcare data breaches). In short, “missing devices and untrustworthy insiders made the healthcare industry responsible for more (reported) data breaches than any other sector all decade”.

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