Health Information Technology Year End List of Lists

Health Information Technology Lists for 2012What’s on your health information technology list this year?

Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts finds us making a list. We checked this one out twice to bring you the list of lists. From best ofs to seeing what’s to come here is what we found in health information technology and health care.

  1. We start with the 2012 Best in KLAS Awards. Health Data Management is reporting on the winners in a slide show. The results are based on provider interviews.
  2. And now for the losers… Healthcare News compiled the biggest health data breaches of 2012. This top 10 list spotlights the never ending need for attention to privacy and HIPAA.
  3. HIT Consultants take a look at Frost & Sullivan’s predictions for the top five areas for telehealth growth shedding light on the opportunities ahead for telehealth. We are still defining telehealth but we know it is evolving and growing.
  4. Next is 6 Early ACO Mistakes to Avoid from Becker’s Hospital Review. Time, planning, and resources all are key ingredients for a successful ACO but here is a list to help you navigate around some pitfalls.
  5. ECRI Names Top 10 Health Information Technology Hazards for 2013. The Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing applied scientific research to enable improvement of patient care. Here is what they think are hazards for next year.
  6. Coming over the PR Newswire this month AT&T looks ahead to give us the Top Five Health Information Technology Trends for 2013. The trends are based on positive customer results on patient engagement, collaboration and innovation.
  7. The 2012 Healthcare Informatics 100 Ranking list gives us the 100 vendors by revenues derived from healthcare IT products and services earned in the US.
  8. MarketingCharts is a daily US publication from Watershed Publishing reporting and analyzing media research. See who has the US market share of visits in the Top 10 Health & Medical Information Websites.
  9. OIG 2012 Report Lists Top 10 Challenges Facing HHS. Each year the OIG releases its summary report of the greatest challenges faced by HHS and identifies new and continuing issues in the coming year.
  10. The Center for Health Market Innovations released its 2012 Top Health Care Innovations list last week.
  11. mHealth is another evolving and growing industry. mHIMSS put together their list of the top 5 mHealth regulatory issues for 2013.
  12. And finally the UN Dispatch reported the Top 10 Global Health Milestones in 2012.


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