Consider These Five Fall Events

In person events are continuing to reemerge. This fall AHIMA, MGMA, and HLTH are all trying to present conferences to compare with pre-pandemic ones. Here are five fall events that might be of interest.

HLTH 2022 Registration is Now Open

Starts November 13th – HLTH 2022 is the preeminent event for health innovation, pushing boundaries to transform the next decade of health. In their fifth year, their vision is to accelerate engagement across the health ecosystem through a new interactive format that encourages deeper connections and thought-provoking discussion.


Join HLTH VRTL on October 12-16, 2020 for an experience full of major announcements and debates from the most important companies, CEOs, politicians and other major figures shaping the health industry today.

Power Press Award Winners at HLTH

Excellence in health reporting was celebrated at the first annual Power Press Awards held at HLTH, the mega-meeting where leaders from throughout the health ecosystem…

Moments at HLTH

There was definitely a buzz in the air. While walking the exhibit hall the exhibitor were engaged, happy with their decision to participate and most readily said they were committed to next year. And here are some moments that have been shared.