Friday at Five – Top On Demand Episodes

HealthcareNOW Radio’s live streaming audience averages 36,000 U.S. listeners per month. The station’s archive of podcast episodes on SoundCloud averages 21,000 plays per month. This week’s Friday at Five lists the most played podcast episodes and the most played radio episodes on our SoundCloud channel within the last three months including timely episodes about the COVID-19 pandemic, the race for a vaccine, all things telehealth and so much more.

Top Radio Episodes

#5 – Bruce Kennedy and Ashley DuBray on Healthcare APPtitude
On this episode of Healthcare APPtitude guest moderator Tom Testa sits down with MobileSmith Health’s VP of Provider Development Bruce Kennedy and Director of Provider Development Ashley DuBray to discuss the need of bringing normalcy back to urgent and elective procedures for both hospitals and ASCs, and how they should go about doing this.

#4 – “Healthcare Beefs” on Healthcare IT Today
For the 43rd episode of the Healthcare IT Podcast, we’re getting a few things off our chest in an episode we’re calling “Healthcare Beefs.” We all have plenty of things that annoy us about healthcare, so we thought we’d take a minute to share a few (no doubt there are many) things that are bothering us. Ok, this is one part therapy and another part informative, but hopefully you can join in and commiserate with us.

#3 – Dr. Craig Joseph News You Can Use on The Incrementalist
Next on our list host Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick is joined by Dr. Craig Joseph for this month’s News You Can Use. News includes COVID-19 transmission and the significance of aerosolization, wearing masks, the HHS data take over, and information blocking regulation update.

#2 – Dr. Michael Osterholm on Conversations on Health Care
On our second most played radio episode, hosts Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter welcome Dr. Michael Osterholm, world-renowned epidemiologist, pandemic expert and Director of the Center for Infectious Disease, Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. The author of The Deadliest Enemy: Our War with Killer Germs, Dr Osterholm has warned for years of the likelihood of a pandemic such as COVID-19.He extols the need for ongoing measures to protect the public health and front line health care workers through mask use, social distancing and tests, and the herculean scientific efforts to produce treatments and a vaccine.

#1 – Mark Masselli on Harlow on Healthcare 
And on our most played radio episode, host David Harlow sits down with Conversations on Health Care host Mark Masselli (see #2), CEO Community Health Centers. Mark recounts the impressive history of the large multi-site Connecticut-based Community Health Center, which he co-founded, from its humble origins as a free clinic in the 1970s (“Kid … Have you got a license?”) to its current status as an integrated primary care powerhouse with research and training arms. With nearly 800,000 patient visits per year, the organization maintained visit volume as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the CHC transitioned to telemedicine. Listen in on our conversation about building a brick and mortar community health system, the first nurse practitioner residency program in the country, a national virtual specialty referral network serving 1.3 million patients in safety-net settings, and how a post-COVID-19 community health center can best serve its patients.

Top Podcast Episodes

#5 – John Gorman on Tuning Healthcare
On this episode of Tuning Healthcare meet John Gorman, industry expert and founder and chairman of Nightingale Partners. He was formerly the founder and Chairman of Gorman Health Group as well as Assistant to the Director of Health Care Financing Administration’s (HCFA, now the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS). In the episode, John discusses the importance of social determinants of health interventions to support the most vulnerable patient populations. He also discusses the role that the government and private sectors play in driving industry transformation and the need to move toward value-based care. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, where should health systems be focusing for a sustainable future?

#4 – Steven Berger on Value-Based Care Insights 
Many organizations around the country are dealing with a tremendous amount of financial strain — especially with the small to mid-size hospitals. With the shifts that have occurred in recent months, organizations have even more pressure to manage the cost margins, which have totally gone up with the treatments they had to provide to patients and shift they had to make in their operational setup. In this episode, Daniel J. Marino and Shaillee J. Chopra introduce Steven Berger, principal at Lumina Health Partners to discuss how hospitals can create a revenue plan that addresses key KPIs and financial opportunities.

#3 – Dr. Naomi Fried on HealthChangers 
On this episode of HealthChangers, meet Dr. Naomi Fried who is experienced in the art and science of innovation strategy and understands how to create an infrastructure for corporations who design innovation to be part of the bloodstream and culture of the organization, as well as how to be a productive engine producing results for the future. She is known to be the creator of the innovation life cycle paradigm and is a real edge thinker in the area of digital health, telehealth, and transformation. In fact, she was the one that was the Vice President (VP) of Innovation for Kaiser, where they were launching telehealth many years ago, long before the crisis of COVID enabled telehealth to be a necessary requirement.

#2 – Small Operational Improvements With Big Impact on Paradigm Shift of Healthcare 
A lot of the work that ultimately affects a patient’s experience happens behind the scenes, but operations can be just as important to a practice’s financial viability as their patient care or marketing. Scott, Michael, and Jared discuss tips for providers to make operational improvements that can have an even greater impact during the pandemic. In this episode, you’ll learn opportunities for healthcare operations to be disrupted and ultimately more profitable in areas such as contracting with insurance plans, interactions with medtech companies, and referral agreements with primary care providers.

#1 – Jennifer Jennings and Tom Testa on What’s My Tagline
Not surprisingly our most played podcast episode comes to us courtesy of host Carol Flagg who talks with Jennifer Jennings and Tom Testa, both vice presidents at Anderson Interactive, a Health IT PR and Marketing agency. Jen and Tom are the dynamic duo behind the radio show, Overrated and Underused that airs on HealthcareNow Radio weekdays at 10:00 am, 6:00 pm, and 2:00 am ET.

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