Friday at Five: Lists of Five

Is five a magic number that people will click on to find out what’s on the list? Is it just the right number you think you have the time to read? I don’t know but there are lots of lists out there with 5 things you should know. This month I must have been reading a lot of marketing material as you will see from the lists! These got me to click through and I think they were worth sharing.

5 Opportunities for Practices to Win with Social Media
Scott Zeitzer, President, P3 Practice Marketing
Twitter: @p3practicemktg

Social media typically isn’t the first (or second, or even third) marketing tactic we recommend for medical practices, simply because there are several necessary steps to getting your practice established online first. With that said, if your practice has already covered the basics of online marketing and wants to branch out further, social media can be a great option. The key is finding the right platform, messaging, and posting strategy for your practice. We’ve covered social media in our Marketing Refresher Series on our Paradigm Shift of Healthcare podcast, but here are 5 ways that your practice can win with social media.

5 Patient Engagement Campaigns Healthcare Marketers Cannot Afford To Skip This Fall
Stericycle Communication Solutions
Twitter: @StericycleComms

Fall is historically a busy time for healthcare promotions and events, but last year looked quite different. Due to the pandemic, health systems suspended elective procedures, and many patients delayed preventative care such as annual wellness visits, mammograms, and colonoscopies. As the number of fully vaccinated people continues to grow across the US and patients return to in-person visits, health systems must create patient engagement campaigns to recoup lost revenue. Here are five patient engagement campaigns that your health system should focus on this fall.

Amendola Communications

5 Ways Your Brand Can Join The LinkedIn Revolution
Jessica Boff, Matter Communications
Twitter: @MatterComm

In 2003, a new online platform called LinkedIn was born with an aim to help people find career opportunities. Throughout the years, we watched as LinkedIn evolved from a job searching and networking platform, to a thought leadership sharing outlet with brand building and advertising opportunities. Lately, LinkedIn has really stepped up its game by including more ways for users to utilize this platform as a place to share information with coworkers, friends and industry experts. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that brands take part in the action by actively engaging in conversations while also sharing their own expertise to position themselves as trusted thought leaders. See how you can harness the power of this trusted professional social network with these 5 tips:

Top 5 Things to Know about the 340B Drug Discount Program
Caravan Health
Twitter: @CaravanHealth

The 340B drug discount program is a critically important program for safety net facilities. The financial stability from a strong 340B program becomes even more important as providers continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and related uncertainties. Caravan Health has a depth of expertise about 340B, and we have announced a new line of 340B support for both Medicare and commercial prescription drug claims. Here are five essential things to keep in mind as your facility considers the future of your 340B program.