Friday at Five – 9/17/10

Join us every Friday at Five for our weekly top 5 favorites in the world of HIT and HITECH. This week we are reporting on five barriers to EHR implementation. Even though this was reported in April it is still relevant and great information today.
Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology outlined five key barriers to health care providers’ implementation of EHRs.

1.  Money– Finding funds to pay up-front costs of EHRs. Incentive dollars are after the fact and spread out over several years.
2.  Work flow– Implementing EHRs doesn’t mean just changing from paper to computer, in many cases there is a need for process changes too.
3.  Ease of use– EHRs can’t slow you down. Good user interfaces can help in training and use.
4.  Performance measurement – New rules published will require reporting information about the quality of care and compliance with regulations.
5. Support – After implementation, on going support and maintenance is a challenge especially for small practices.