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By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I talked to Ron Chiarello, PhD (@roncphd) CEO and founder of Alveo Technologies, bringing diagnostic testing into the home:

Everyone, Anytime, Everywhere

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Ron started his career in physics where he was involved in low temperature technology and testing for contamination using high intensity x-rays. Like me he was influenced by the original Star Trek Series and in particular the Tricorder that ‘Bones’ used on his patients and how to get this into general use.

Alveo Technologies recently won the XPRIZE for their at-home rapid COVID-19 test that can be used for other types of viruses such as the flu, RSV and STDs and they are currently waiting on FDA approval. As Ron points out the importance of home based testing which creates accessibility that is self empowerment helping dispel the fear and uncertainty generated by the media headlines.

Listen in to find out how they managed to miniaturize the technology into a small cartridge with “a little bit of chemistry and heat” that is able to identify the RNA fingerprint for RSV (the number 1 killer of children under 5) and have adapted this platform to create an at home COVID test. The platform has additional uses that they have already started work on so expect to see more in this domain.

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