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A Conversation with Wes Cronkite, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at CPSI

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LinkedIn: Wes Cronkite

Wes Cronkite is a senior thought leader with a strong emphasis on the use of technology and analytics to drive improvement. Wes is quickly able to to identify opportunities for efficiency, simplicity and automation, especially in industries that are less cutting edge than others, like the healthcare revenue cycle.

Wes has built several data analytics functions from the ground up at mid to large market firms. He’s been in healthcare since 2004, has implemented entire RPA departments, is an Agile Methodology guru, and most recently built the Dream Factory at CPSI with tremendous results, including a new Fast Company Most Innovative Places to Work Award.

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Episode Takeaways

  • Many health IT vendors struggle with workplace culture challenges resulting from legacy workflows and talent alongside mergers and acquisitions. The success experienced by CPSI through its Dream Factory program offers insight for other health IT vendors to achieve similar innovation results.
  • The key to high-impact innovation is cultivating a culture of partnerships – within and outside the organization – to deliver the best possible experience for your customers and employees.
  • Innovation incubator programs are best secured with executive buy-in and active customer/staff involvement.
  • Tap into agile strategies to support innovation development and ensure features and functionality are both successful and sustainable.
  • Healthy competition is critical. Encourage customers and staff to vote publicly for innovative ideas that can scale and inspire future solutions – and then reward the highest-impact ideas.


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