EmpowHER’s 1000 Women Campaign

Every once in a while, we take a post-break from the HITECH Act, meaningful use, HIPAA and other HIT related issues to focus attention on topics near and dear to our hearts.

1000Women is a campaign on a mission to raise awareness of women’s health.  Organized  by EmpowHER, the campaign is recruiting 1,000 women to tell and recruit another 1,000 women to tell and recruit an additional 1,000 women (and so on and so forth) to create the largest women’s health and wellness movement of the year.

You can play an important role in this movement by:

  • Sharing your personal health story.
  • Voting on inspiring stories on 1000Women.com.
  • Providing your email address for campaign updates, and sharing this campaign with every woman you know.

Upon hitting a goal of reaching 1,000,000 women, EmpowHER will donate $50,000 towards a health research project for women.

So, what’s your next step to get involved?  Well, it’s simple.  Spend a tiny bit of your time to help spread the word through the following links:

  1. Spread the word – Tell others about 1000Women Campaign
  2. Show support – Vote for the stories you find most inspiring
  3. Become an advocate – Tell your personal story

Learn more about 1000Women here.  As a woman-owned company, we appreciate your support of this worthy cause.