EHR Incentives Start in 2011 – Time to Demo?

I had dinner last night with a girlfriend and her husband visiting from Texas.  He’s a physician in a sizable facility of 120+ doctors so of course the conversation turned to EHR, incentives and meaningful use.  His facility is in the midst of implementation with plans to begin reporting sometime this Spring.  He asked me if I had any feedback or thoughts about the vendor his clinic chose. I didn’t but did ask the one logical question I had off the top of my head – is the  EHR his clinic chose ONC-ATCB certified?

Currently the ONC has named three Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies (ATCB); CCHIT, Drummond Group, Infogard. And to date, 90 some products have been certified.  You can find an updated list on the Certified HIT Product List (CHPL).

You can also visit our own EHR Demo page on this site to request information on some of the EHRs currently certified.  If you’re interested in these vendors, you sign up for a demo or price quote and our partners at Software Advice will contact you.  The process allows you to work with Software Advice to vet EHR vendors based on your criteria, narrowing down the many multitude of choices to a few.

And my physician friend? Yes, the EHR his medical group chose is ONC-ATCB certified.  It’s also listed on our demo page.