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By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode, I spoke to Stacey Chang, Executive Director and Founder, Design Institute for Health and a Professor, Dell Medical School and College of Fine Arts. They have recently announced a First-of-Its-Kind Master’s in Design in Health Launches at UT Austin that is taking applications for Fall 2020 course that is the only degree of its kind in the nation and brings together expert designers with health design specialists to teach the latest methods for health’s most complex problems.

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Stacey arrived in Austin following his work at IDEO, where he headed up their work in healthcare and medical devices. He was attracted by a “once in a lifetime opportunity” that was driven by both generous contributions by the MSDF and the local population voting to raise their own property taxes to fund care for the local underserved community and the newly formed Dell Medical School.

The medical school has already made changes to the educational content and flow allowing students to take on additional learning opportunities in their 3rd year of medical school. The Design Course was one that was requested by 20% of the students who were polled leading to the earlier version of the course that will now emerge as a formal course 2 years later available not just to Dell Medical students but importantly to a wide and diverse range of candidates.

Some of the key incremental learning points include:

  • Acknowledging the challenge of individuals to make a healthy choice
  • Including everyone in the care team that extends past the system to the patient and the family
  • Changing terms such as “Prescription”

As Stacey point’s out – he has never “prescribed behavior to his children successfully but rather demonstrated or persuaded behaviors” to get to adherence, compliance, and concordance.

Listen in to hear the incremental steps they have taken to overcome the substantial hulls present in our current healthcare system the start with acknowledging the challenge of individuals to make “good” or more accurately health choices.

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