Day 2: New Radio Shows & Podcast Series

On day two of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts we are calling out to our new radio and podcast shows added to our HealthcareNOW Radio network in the last couple of months.

One question we get quite often is what is the difference between radio shows and podcast shows?  The easiest way to think of our two HealthcareNOW Radio birds is to think about what NPR does. NPR streams live radio content over the Internet but also offers podcasts shows.  Like us, they also make their radio show programming available on demand.

Our radio station streams our line up of shows 24/7 on any media device (computer, tablet, phone, in your car, on Amazon Echo, etc.) After a certain period, each episode of our radio shows is made available on demand.  Podcast shows don’t air on our radio station; instead, they are published to our podcast and on-demand channel as stand-alone programs.

You can stream our station from this site and on HealthcareNOW Radio.  You can listen to the on-demand episodes of all our radio shows AND the episodes of all our podcast shows on our SoundCloud channel.

New Radio Shows:

How I Transformed This
Virsys12 is showcasing leaders at companies who understand that the right technology, people and processes can lead to phenomenal transformation within healthcare in How I Transformed This, hosted by Clark Buckner, along with Virsys12 CEO and founder, Tammy Hawes. Throughout the season, Clark and Tammy will speak with healthcare industry thought leaders about their guest’s personal and professional transformations, while discovering their vision for, and stories of, success in healthcare.

Talkin’ Telehealth
Telehealth is having a dramatic impact on the way patient care is being delivered. Talkin’ Telehealth examines how telehealth can simplify communication, improve office workflow and most importantly, drive better patient care. Tune in to hear some great clinical stories about telehealth in practice, where telehealth is today, where it is going, and how the latest regulations are impacting provider operations and reimbursement.

Voices in Value-Based Care – New Season, New Host
Tune in to hear value-based programs expert Matt Fusan and his guests discuss the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for thriving in the new era of value-based care (VBC). Topics include reporting under MACRA’s Quality Payment Program, either in MIPS or as an APM, as well as insights into value-based payer contracts, and best practices for improving care at lower costs. On each episode of Voices in Value-Based Care, Matt and his guests will give keen insights and share real world experiences and use cases to help you drive success in VBC for years to come.

New Podcast Series:

Chief Among Friends
On Chief Among Friends, your host, Dr. Chris Hobson, the Chief Medical Officer of Orion Health chats about topics ranging from technology priorities to new innovations in integrated and coordinate care to healthcare sustainability.


Paradigm Shift of Healthcare
It’s time to think differently about healthcare, but how do we keep up? Each week on Paradigm Shift of Healthcare, the trio of Michael Roberts, Scott Zeitzer, and Jared Johnson bring you the people and ideas that are changing the way we address our health. If you’re looking for amazing stories from providers and thought leaders who are changing patient care, this is the podcast for you.

Unlocking Accountable Care
Join Day Health Strategies as they discuss how to improve access, quality, equity and cost within the U.S. healthcare system with thought leaders in academia, research, and healthcare delivery on the Unlocking Accountable Care podcast.


Voices of Change
We see it every day; needless lives lost and wasted money from the current trial and error approach to medication use. Living in a world where patients get the right medications, the first time is attainable – and it doesn’t have to take decades to create this world. Hosted by the GTMRx Institute’s Executive Director and Co-founder, Katie Capps, Voices of Change will feature leaders who have knowledge, experience and ideas to solve this urgent need to getting the medications right.


About HealthcareNOW Radio
HealthcareNOW Radio’s live stream audience exceeds 20,000 listeners a month. The station’s archive of show and podcast episodes on SoundCloud get 13,000 plays per month.  Below are the most recent episodes added to our SoundCloud channel.  Check out all of the great programming on our programs page. Check out our Listening Guide where you can find episodes on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and more.