Day 1 – Let Our 2019 12 Days of Christmas Posts Begin!

Today marks the start of our annual line up of 12 Days of Christmas Posts.

During the next 11 days, we’ll take a look back at the year that was for us and the industry.  Our regular contributors will also weigh in on the year that was, as well as offer predictions and advice for the new year.

You may have also noticed that we have merged our Answers network sites – HITECH, RCM, Health Data – over to this Health IT Answers. We are now one site to rule them all. That’s right. A Lord of the Rings reference.  The exception is our HealthcareNOW Radio station website, though you’ll see on this site now prominently displayed, our radio players.

To help organize the massive amount of content from the 3 former Answers sites, we’ve neatly (or at least we think so) organized all of our content into 9 categories:

  • Health IT Security and Compliance
  • Interoperability
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Digital Health and Telemedicine
  • Health IT Innovation
  • Analytics & Pop Health
  • Revenue Cycle & Finance
  • Industry Events
  • HeatlhcareNOW Radio

Speaking of HealthcareNOW Radio, it was a great year for voice.  You’ll see quite a few of our 12 Days of posts focused on our radio and podcast shows.  Some 2019 highlights include:

  • Our live streaming radio station has continued to get 20,000 listeners a month.
  • Our on-demand and podcast channel is now generating about 13,000 plays per month.
  • Along with our radio shows (shows that stream on our radio platform) we’ve added podcast-only shows to our fold.

It’s been an exciting year for us with the move to this one site and the tremendous growth in our radio station and companion podcast channel.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020. Until then, we wish you all a marshmallow world this holiday season!

Carol, Roberta, Liz and Annmarie