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6 Critical Questions to Consider When Evaluating Virtual Care Delivery Options

Automated Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guest Jennifer Lim, MD, Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Illinois Chicago. Dr. Lim talks about mobile screening units and elaborates on the cutting-edge technology that’s helping detect diabetic retinopathy as early as possible.

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NursesNOW Roundup November 2022

Friday at Five – Another List of Five

Is five a magic number that people will click on to find out what’s on the list? Is it just the right number you think you have the time to read? I don’t know but there are lots of lists out there with 5 things you should know. Here are a few.

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Upcoming Virtual Health IT Events for Providers

Upcoming webinars for healthcare providers focused on adopting health information technology and participation in federal initiatives and quality reporting programs for transition to value based care. The webinars listed are free of charge so register today. Check back each week for new events.

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What Did They Say About HLTH 2022?

Health IT Business News – December 1, 2022

Health IT business news from Dedalus, SeamlessMD, Sphere, Carium, Hallmark Health Care Solutions, Rimidi, HITRUST, VIDA Diagnostics, Clear Arch Health, Verana Health, Raintree Systems, emtelligent, iCAD, Google Health, Inovalon, Epic systems, Verana Health, and more.

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What We Know (And Don’t Know) About Long COVID

By Devin Partida – Most people who get sick with the COVID-19 virus get better after a week or two. However, more severe cases require hospitalization and linger for much longer. Others notice their symptoms go away for a while and reappear after one or more months.

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System Based Thinking Applied to Healthcare

AI in Healthcare News and Updates

This month’s AI report includes news and updates from iCAD, Inc., Google Health, MindCare Partners, Andor Health, K Health, Pearl, Risas Dental and Braces, VirtuSense Technologies,, Illuminate, Inc., Cleerly, Heartbeat Health, Mayo Clinic Platform, & more.

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Healthcare Communication Barriers are Not Limited to Language

By Dr. Rachael Grimaldi – Despite being home to some of the world’s leading healthcare systems and research institutions, patients in the United States still face poor health outcomes in many areas. For example, the U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate compared to other similarly resourced countries.

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Value in Wearable Data

By Matt Fisher – Can clinical relevance be found in all of the data collected by wearable devices that individuals use? It is a key question around the use of such devices, especially as consumer devices grow in ubiquity along with corresponding rises in adoption.

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Talent Tuesday: Enhancing the Role of the Medical Assistant and Nurse

Wednesday, December 7th at 2pm ET. Register for this webinar where expert faculty outline the differences between case management, care coordination and complex care management to frame up a discussion on strategies to leverage effective models for both in-person and remote services.

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You Are Not Going to Remain Competitive and Relevant Without Leveraging AI/ML in Clinical Trials

By Ben van der Schaaf & Ben Enejo – Much has been written about the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) in clinical development, and at first glance it is an obvious area of focus. Successful use of AI/ML capability requires vast amounts of data, and there have been….

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Security Incident Guideline Reminder

The CMS Innovation Center’s Strategy to Support Person-centered, Value-based Specialty Care

By Liz Fowler JD PhD, Purva Rawal PhD, Sarah Fogler PhD, Brian Waldersen MD MPH, Meghan O’Connell MPH, & Jacob Quinton MD MSHS – In 2021, CMS established a goal to have 100 percent of Original Medicare beneficiaries and the vast majority of Medicaid beneficiaries in accountable care relationships by 2030,,,

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The Evolution of Digital Health to Mobile Integrated Health

By Keith Algozzine – As societies return to their normal pace, a key question lingers: how will—and even more important, how should—healthcare change? Perhaps more than any other economic sector, the healthcare industry was affected by COVID-19, from dealing with an influx of patients, grasping…

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Healthcare Cash Price Variability Impacting Financially Vulnerable Populations

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guests Morgane Mouslim, PhD, and Morgan Henderson, PhD, of The Hilltop at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. They talk more about appropriate and optimal pricing practices, especially for lower-income or disadvantaged populations.

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Hospitals’ Mandate for Technology

By BJ Schaknowski – As widely reported and acutely felt, in 2022 health systems are broadly on track to post their worst financial results in decades. That fact is all the reminder we need that healthcare organizations are businesses with exposure to macro-economic headwinds and tailwinds, like any other.

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Health IT Product News Report November 2022

Health IT product news from Suki, GE Healthcare, HITRUST, Certilytics, Interlad Medical Systems, Turquoise Health, Montecito Medical, Insightin Health, OncoHost, Connect America, VisualDx, Wolters Kluwer Health, CVRx, Lumeris, Inato, Recuro Health, TriHealth, Coeus h3c, Genoox, and more.

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National Family Health History Day 2022

From all of us at Answers Media Network we wish you a safe and happy holiday. Thanksgiving is National Family Health History Day. Over the holiday the CDC encourages Americans to talk about, and to write down, the health problems that seem to run in their family.

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Weekend Playlist on Healthcare NOW Radio

The Inspirator

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Jeff Ruby, Founder Newtopia, a company using a combination of genetic testing, nutrition, and personal, technology-enabled coaching can change habits that modify life-impacting behavior as a critical part of the solution.

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Health IT Business News, Financial Edition – November 23, 2022

4 EHR Implementation Budget Busters and How to Prevent Them

By Bob Gronberg – EHR implementations are a huge investment. And for many healthcare IT teams, this type of project may be a once in a career type of experience. I have spent more than 30 years of my career helping healthcare organizations through EHR implementations — converting from and to Meditech.

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Administrative Simplification Provisions of HIPAA

By Art Gross – The HIPAA Administrative Simplification provisions are in place to provide consistency in electronic communications within healthcare for Protected Health Information. These mandate the usage of standard transactions, code sets, and identifiers for the United States healthcare system.

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Health IT Hires, Appointments, and Who’s Hiring

Latest announcements made from companies and organizations on hiring include Advantum Health, The Institute for Protein Innovation, Cognoa, Blue Health Intelligence, Vida Health, Baszucki Group, Canvas Medical, ONC, Trusted Health, Briljent Health IT, & Healthmark Industries.

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How to Solve the ‘new normal’ EHR Implementation Challenges

By Liza Dzhezhora – Electronic health records have become ubiquitous in the US healthcare industry. However, the work on improving those solutions is in full swing. According to Fact.MD, the EHR market value is expected to reach $41.8bn in 2022 – 2032. What are the key EHR implementation challenges, and how to solve them?

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HITAC Recommendations on ONC Adopted Standards

The Path Forward: Improving Data to Advance Health Equity Solutions

By LaShawn McIver MD – The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Office of Minority Health has released “The Path Forward: Improving Data to Advance Health Equity Solutions”, which for the first time, outlines a plan to tackle health equity data efforts across CMS programs to achieve health equity by…

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To Detail or Not: The Breach Notification Conundrum

Long-Term Outlook Necessary for Managed Care to Succeed

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guest Ken Steele, a partner with ECG Management Consultants and an expert on managed care. On this 50th episode, he talks about the reasons why our healthcare system still struggles to achieve the promise of value-based care and why we’re all responsible for finding solutions.

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Actionable Ways to Meet the 2015 Edition Cures Update Requirements

By Laura M. Urioste – The 2015 Edition Cures Update made several changes to the ONC Health IT Certification Program, including new functionalities; new, removed, and revised criteria; and new requirements establishing the Conditions and Maintenance of Certification.

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Friday at Five: Reports and Surveys from HLTH

Interoperability in Action: ONC Informs CMS Ruling on Hospital Measures

Health IT Business News – November 17, 2022

Health IT business news from Consensus Cloud Solutions, EHNAC, Inato, CVRx, Lumeris, VisualDx, CareCloud, Ordr, BARDA, CenTrak, Connect America, Insightin Health, OncoHost, X-trodes, EMOTIV, Decode Health, Turquoise Health, Interlad Medical Systems, and more.

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A Ransomware Readiness Checklist: Ways to Amp Up Detection and Response Plans

HLTH Startup Pitch Competition

Telemedicine November 2022

We are seeking out the latest developments around Telemedicine. News from Veta Health, Hazel Health, Options MD, KeyCare, American Medical Association, Myia Health, Recuro Health, ATA, Avel eCare, Wolters Kluwer Health, Andor Health, Vidyo, TriHealth Partners and more.

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Israel Suits Up for Digital Health Success

By Goel Jasper – The Future of Health Leadership Symposium, the Global Wellness Summit, MIXiii HealthTech and mHealth Israel’s own annual start-up conference all took place during the same time frame, but there was little celebration regarding the speed with which Israel has become a significant player in the world of health innovation.

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HLTH 2022 News Roundup

Health IT Hires and Appointments

Reimbursement Getting in the Way of Value

Cybersecurity: Physical Devices

Medicare Fines for High Hospital Readmissions Drop, but Nearly 2,300 Facilities Are Still Penalized

By Jordan Rau – The federal government has eased its annual punishments for hospitals with higher-than-expected readmission rates in an acknowledgment of the upheaval the covid-19 pandemic has caused, resulting in the lightest penalties since 2014.

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Moving Standards to Support SDOH Data Capture from the Sandbox to Production

By Ryan Argentieri, Samantha Meklir, & Jawanna Henry – ONC is working alongside HL7® and with a wide range of partners from health care, government (federal and states), community-based organizations, developers, providers, and industry stakeholders to launch a national Gravity Project Pilots Affinity Group.

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Take Charge of Your Breast Health

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guest Amy Patel, MD, a breast radiologist, & medical director at the Breast Center at Liberty Hospital. Dr. Patel discusses advancements in screening technology, describes her efforts to improve access in her native Missouri, and explains why it’s so important to meet patients where they are.

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Health IT Issues that Deserve a Second Read – October 2022

November 2022 Health IT Marketing Minutes

What makes marketing in the health IT space unique? Who are the movers and shakers? What’s working, what’s trending? Where can you learn more? News from Clarity Quest, Brafton, Amendola Communications, HITMC, KNB Communications, Merge, Matter Communications, Studio North, Panda Health & more.

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CMS Issues Final Rules on CY 2023 Fee Schedules for Physicians

The Power of Partnerships

Health IT Business News, Financial Edition – November 10, 2022

Caring for What’s Been Coded

By Dr. Jay Anders – In a Forbes Technology Council article earlier this year, my colleague Medicomp CEO Dave Lareau discussed how the industry was abuzz with talk about how providers and health plans can “optimize” risk-adjusted payments for Medicare Advantage, and the associated “upcoding” to qualify for higher risk scores.

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Heading to HLTH? Consider these Booths to Visit

Faster Adoption of the Best Care for Everyone

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Tom Stanis, CEO of StoryHealth, a company that combines virtual care, remote monitoring, and AI to bridge the data gap between health system specialists, primary care doctors, and patients to extend care for patients with…

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Revenue Cycle and Payer News – November 9, 2022

How Data Boosts Physician Satisfaction During Acquisition: Real World Lessons Learned

By Glenn Schweidler – Health system acquisition of practices and medical groups has increased since 2012 with hospitals and other healthcare corporations now owning nearly half of all physicians. Most CIOs and IT teams are well-aware of the ups and downs of physician practice acquisitions.

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Consider these Winter Events

Talent Tuesday: The Healthcare Workforce

With 18% of healthcare workers having left their jobs and another 12% being laid off, what are the solutions for healthcare as a whole? You can’t open a paper, magazine, or watch news and not hear about the crisis that has evolved. This is our Talent Tuesday Workforce edition.

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Creating Info-Sharing Clarity Amidst Confusion

By Kim Boyd – Not much time has passed since the ONC’s October 6th information-blocking rule expanded the definition of electronic health information. Hailed by many in the social media sphere as “Data Liberation Day,” the expansion of the rule is the culmination of a two-year process…

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CHIME 2022 Most Wired Recognitions

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) celebrates revolutionary achievement in digital health for 18 organizations awarded at the highest level of the CHIME Digital Health Most Wired Survey with level 10 certification.

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Sharing Health Data Update November 2022

Two Sides of the AI/ML Coin in Health Care

By Kathryn Marchesini, Jeff Smith, & Jordan Everson – As we’ve previously discussed, algorithms—step by step instructions (rules) to perform a task or solve a problem, especially by a computer—have been widely used in health care for decades. One clear use of these algorithms is through evidence-based, clinical decision support interventions.

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There Is No Food That Tastes Better Than Your Health

Helping Healthcare Systems Reduce Carbon Pollution: A New Primer from AHRQ

By David Meyers MD & Brent Sandmeyer MPH – Climate change is widely regarded as the number one threat to human health, increasing the destructive power of storms like Hurricane Ian and the frequency and duration of heatwaves, wildfires, and droughts.

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The Most Profound Event in My Informatics Career? Unquestionably the HITECH Act

By William Hersh MD – I recently took part in a small workshop exploring the benefits and challenges for artificial intelligence in medicine. Many of the participants were innovative medical educators, and most of them were still practicing clinical medicine.

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HLTH – Speakers and Events to Consider

Are you heading to HLTH in Las Vegas? We are too. And we have been going through the speakers and sessions to consider. Well known, unknown, veterans, newcomers, innovators, policy makers, the bold, the advocate, and even the patient – they have them all. See you in Vegas.

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Collaboration on UNC Health Mobile Front Door

Health IT Business News – November 3, 2022

Health IT news from Regeneron, Greenway Health, TruLite Health, Honeywell, OMNIMED, SeamlessMD, NextGen Healthcare, NCPDP, DrFirst, Valant, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation, Health Catalyst, Healthmark Industries, Healthvana, VisualDx, and more.

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Digital Transformation Improving Healthcare Experience for Staff and Patients Alike

The Nomadic Pediatrician

AI in Healthcare News and Updates

Healthcare IT’s Key Role in Patient Experience

By Bill Grana – Patient experience is increasingly top of mind for healthcare provider executives. AHRQ defines patient experience as the full range of interactions patients have with the healthcare system, including interactions with health plans and care from doctors, nurses, and supporting staff.

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Health IT Hires and Appointments

Latest announcements made from companies and organizations on hiring include AssureCare, OncoHost, Octiva Healthcare, CirrusMD, CHIME, Maternova, Inc., Hims & Hers Health, Inc., AHCA/NCAL, Flatiron Health, eHealth, Inc., Pair Team, athenahealth, Selux Diagnostics, Annexus Health Inc., & Trialbee.

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Three Reasons the Cloud is Critical for Ensuring Patient-Centered Care

Health IT Product News Report October 2022

Health IT product news from Renee, Perimeter Medical Imaging AI, AGS Health, Lightbeam Health, CareCloud, OSF Healthcare, CareSignal, RhythMedix, Vivalink, Panda Health,, HealthTap, PointClickCare, Zócalo Health, Innovative Payment Solutions, Veta Health, Penn State Health and more.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Wrap Up

The Consequences of Poor Communication in Health Care

By Stephen Dean – It’s shocking that communication remains a persistent problem within the health care industry. Despite the pandemic contributing to much-improved telehealth, as well as digitization, there are still major obstructions in communication avenues across the board.

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Enhanced Oncology Care Models for the Future of Cancer Care

New On Demand Healthcare Upside/Down: With guest Jessica Turgon, a principal at ECG and co-leader of the firm’s Oncology Services practice. On this episode, Jessica describes the factors driving the high costs of cancer care and what it will take to bring those costs down.

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