Strengthening Payer-Provider Partnerships in Medicare Advantage Plans

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As Medicare Advantage enrollment rises and traditional Medicare enrollment declines, collaboration between payers and providers becomes essential. However, these relationships have historically been fraught with challenges and various administrative complexities. In this episode Dan explores the critical need for effective payer-provider partnerships with SueEllen Carroll, Managing Director at AArete, and Darren Ghanayem, a seasoned expert in healthcare and IT. SueEllen and Darren join him to share their insights on building trust between payers and providers, along with strategies for improving governance. Gain insights into fostering payer-provider contract collaboration, improving patient care, and reducing the administrative burden often associated with Medicare Advantage contracts.

Key Takeaways:

  • The shift toward Medicare Advantage growth necessitates a fundamental transformation in the traditional payer-provider relationship.
  • Efficient communication and data utilization are crucial in leveling discussions about aligning incentives.
  • A solid payer-provider governance structure will support effective communication with the goals of improving care coordination and easing administrative burden for the providers.

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