Culture and Leadership with Doug McKinley

As hospitals and health systems prepare for 2023, no other time has strategic planning been as important as it is now. Issues such as workforce challenges, financial performance, physician alignment and patient access are causing hospitals to rethink their priorities. Building a strategic plan with solid 1 year and 3 year goals help align the organization’s priorities and leadership direction.

A critical element in the strategic planning process is the development and evolution of the leadership team. Continuous building of trust, accountability and commitment within the leadership team is the difference between defining strategic objectives and realizing their success.

In this episode, Dan is joined by Clinical Psychologist and owner of DLM Pathways, Doug McKinley Psy.D. MCC. They discuss the essential ingredients to align strategic planning with leadership development, while incorporating four critical steps for strategic initiatives combined with the five key behaviors of a cohesive team.

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