Corporations are in Healthcare – Even if they Make Sweaters

A Conversation with Jeff Ruby and Lara Dodo from Newtopia

Jeff Ruby, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Newtopia
Twitter: @Newtopia
Twitter: @jeff_ruby

Jeff is a health innovator and serial entrepreneur who is passionate about shifting the focus of health care from sick care to keeping people healthy. He holds a joint Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School and Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Jeff received his bachelor’s degree from Western University in London, Ontario.

Lara Dodo, Chief Growth and Operating Officer, Newtopia
Twitter: @LaraDodo

Lara is a dynamic leader who believes in the strength of team, the power of authentic communication, and the impact of positive energy on innovation. As chief growth and operating officer at Newtopia, she leads the company in expanding market share, creating products, services, and experiences that delight clients and drive results. Over the past 20 years, Lara’s core value has been community leadership, speaking on topics such as women in leadership, technology, career navigation and personal development. Lara is a proven entrepreneurial leader across multi-industries. Lara earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Africa.

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Episode Take Aways

  1. It’s an employee market. Prevention is vital to manage the overall cost of care and retain top talent when staff is “opting out of employment opportunities” if benefits don’t match their lifestyle vision.
  2. Who “owns” health in big companies – not just checking the benefits boxes, but getting ROI value for their money and think-through how employers keep their workplace healthy?
  3. Does the business C-Suite leaders understand that spending millions of dollars on health insurance benefits alone doesn’t translate into a wonderful employee lifecycle experience that retains talent and increases people’s productivity.
  4. Health benefits are a major expense line on the corporate balance sheet. What do business leaders get their arms and take charge of these spiraling costs?
  5. “It’s the ‘business’ of my employees to stay healthy think C-Suite leaders.” What is the rethink around primary prevention and how is it delivered? Employers are healthcare businesses.
  6. When we reduce “cost-of-care,” other parts of the health ecosystem push back. How do we align interests so that wellness is in everyone’s interest and consumers become health-system customers?


Gil Bashe

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Gregg Masters

Founder & Managing Director, Health Innovation Media
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