Consumer Engagement Experts to Help Guide National eHealth Collaborative

Respected national thought leaders provide strategic input on NeHC patient engagement efforts

National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) today announced the members of its newly appointed Consumer Engagement Advisory Council, a body of nationally known experts and advocates in healthcare and health IT who will help shape and grow NeHC’s patient and family engagement agenda.

Consumer engagement in eHealth is a top priority for NeHC because it is a critical element driving better outcomes and greater value.  Current NeHC consumer engagement efforts include disseminating the NeHC Patient Engagement Framework, a consumer engagement roadmap developed in collaboration with the Consumer Consortium on eHealth and many other stakeholders, and encouraging adoption of the NeHC Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool (CeRT) – powered by HealthCAWS – a business intelligence tool mapped to the Patient Engagement Framework and Meaningful Use.  On behalf of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), NeHC is convening a Technical Expert Panel on patient generated health data, and hosts an ongoing series of patient engagement case study webinars through NeHC University.

“NeHC has a unique focus on consumer engagement in eHealth. We are excited to have a highly engaged Consumer Engagement Advisory Council of this caliber,” said NeHC CEO Kate Berry. “We look forward to working with these extraordinary leaders to accelerate progress toward successful consumer and family engagement leveraging a wide variety of eHealth tools.”

“I am continually impressed with the way in which NeHC is able to convene a wide variety of innovative stakeholders dedicated to developing, educating and advancing eHealth principles. It is my privilege to join the new NeHC Consumer Engagement Advisory Council, a forward-thinking collaboration of experts that will support and help NeHC as it continues to make an impact in improving the patient experience,” said Leslie Kelly Hall, Senior Vice President of Policy at Healthwise.

A visionary and deeply knowledgeable group of healthcare and health IT thought leaders will serve on the NeHC Consumer Engagement Advisory Council:

  • David Bennett, GetWellNetwork
  • Bill Bro, Kidney Cancer Association
  • Blair Butterfield, VitalHealth Software
  • Megan Chavez, Tower Strategies
  • Tony Cook, GetWellNetwork
  • Diane Davies, Visi Inc.
  • Peter Franklin, Standard Register
  • Mary Gaetz, KY Governor’s Office of Electronic Health Information
  • Frederic Goldstein, Care Continuum Alliance
  • Mary Griskewicz, HIMSS
  • Leslie Kelly Hall, Healthwise
  • Susie Hull, Diversinet Corporation
  • Noel Khirsukhani, PatientPoint
  • Mary Kilmer, Oracle
  • Lance Kilpatrick, AARP
  • Jeri Kirschner, Orion Health
  • Michael Lardiere, National Council for Behavioral Health
  • Ellen Makar, ONC
  • Rose Maljanian, HealthCAWS
  • Susan Moser, AbbVie
  • Gary Ozanich, Northern Kentucky University
  • Chuck Parker, Continua Health Alliance
  • Lygeia Ricciardi, ONC
  • Tanya Scott, The Connected Health Economy
  • Scott Wallace, Standard Register
  • Susan Woods, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

“I am honored to serve on NeHC’s Consumer Engagement Advisory Council. NeHC’s patient engagement tools have already helped the Commonwealth of Kentucky become a national leader in supporting our providers as they become more engaged with their patients,” said Gary Ozanich, Senior Research Associate at the Northern Kentucky University Center for Applied Informatics and Chair of the Kentucky Health Information Exchange Business Development and Finance Committee. “NeHC’s Patient Engagement Framework is a great roadmap that saved us a tremendous amount of time and effort. The CeRT is a valuable business intelligence tool that encourages consumer engagement and will give us common measurements and methodology for tracking. We are going to have 48 diverse providers across the Commonwealth using the CeRT tool in the coming weeks.”

“PatientPoint recognizes tremendous synergies in our own philosophies and strategic roadmap relative to NeHC’s consumer engagement agenda, especially with regard to the Patient Engagement Framework and Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool,” said Noel Khirsukhani, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at PatientPoint. “We are excited at this new opportunity to collaborate with NeHC and our colleagues on the NeHC Consumer Engagement Advisory Committee to improve patient-physician communications and health outcomes.”

“Oracle Healthcare shares a significant passion and commitment to consumer engagement with NeHC,” said Mary Kilmer, Executive Director, Oracle Healthcare. “Participating in the NeHC Consumer Engagement Advisory Committee will allow us to share our knowledge across the healthcare community as we leverage the NeHC CeRT to take our strategic customers and prospects to the next level of operational and financial excellence.”

“Consumer engagement is critical to improving health and managing costs. HealthCAWS is pleased to partner with NeHC and their Consumer Engagement Advisory Council as we work together to raise awareness and promote the use of the Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool – powered by HealthCAWS – to support meaningful use and achieve the goals of improving outcomes through consumer engagement in eHealth,” said Rose Maljanian, CEO of HealthCAWS.

NeHC’s new Consumer Engagement Advisory Council will meet quarterly to provide advice and strategic input that will help shape the evolution and growth of NeHC’s consumer and patient engagement strategies, including potential new initiatives.

The NeHC Consumer Engagement Advisory Council held its first meeting on July 11. For additional information on NeHC’s consumer engagement programs and tools, visit or contact Ian Hoffberg, NeHC Consumer eHealth Manager, at