Who’s Who on the #HIT100 List

3rd Annual HIT100 List and Our First Degree of Separation

The #HIT100 list was started by Michael Planchart, The EHR Guy, @theEHRGuy. People vote on twitter nominating and voting for who they want to see on the list. You are supposed to vote for the people you think are the top contributors to the Health IT social media community. You make the list depending on how many votes you get. Here is this year’s list. We are not on the list but while scrolling through I had to admit I recognized many of the twitter handles and we have connected with them over this past year. So here is our first degree of separation from some the #HIT100.

  • #2 –  @HITAdvisor – Justin Barnes, the Greenway Exec that you can find leading organizations, testifying to congress, or just plain cheerleading to move the whole cause forward. Justin was kind enough to take some time out to join us on MU Live! this past fall to discuss interoperability. Download the podcast. And for anyone who hasn’t met Justin in person, he is even more handsome than his picture.
  • #3 – @Brad_Justus – Brad Justus, Mr. ICD-10 and another who joined us on MU Live! right before the new year. If there is any doubt on what he talked to us about check it out for yourself. Download the podcast.
  • #4 – @ahier – Brian Ahier, our most frequented guest on MU Live! Did you hear he went out on his own? Good luck Brian we know you have a lot to offer as a consultant. Listen to Brian and Jim Tate discuss what to expect in 2013 with our first show of this year. Download the podcast.
  • #7 – @ReginaHolliday – Regina Holliday – Her Walking Gallery and ongoing efforts for patient advocacy make her #1 on all our lists. She graced us on MU Live! this year with a very special show. Download the podcast.
  • #9 –  @MandiBPro – Mandi Bishop – Can’t thank you enough for all the tweeting you do of our posts. But I guess that is why you are #9 on a social media list!
  • #10 – @motorcycle_guy – Keith Boone – Who you gonna call when it comes to standards in health IT? We call Keith. He has been a guest on MU Live! a couple of times now but most recently talked to Dr. Nick on Voice of the Doctor. Download the podcast.
  • #13 – @2healthguru – Gregg Masters – I think his Twitter handle is more recognizable than his name these days. That’s how you rank in at 13. He hosts his own radio shows too check them out. He talked to us on MU Live! about connecting the dots between Accountable Care and meaningful use. Download the podcast.
  • #20 – @techguy – John Lynn – If you haven’t been on one of his blogs over at HealthcareScene.com, where have you been? And just beating the ONC by one vote! See you at V2V in Vegas in a couple of weeks!
  • #21 – @Farzad_ONC – Dr. Farzad Mostashari, the ONC himself. And yes I have actually interviewed him twice now and have the picture to prove it! I think he might be the only person in Washington that likes what he does. Here he is answering question about the RECs at this year’s HIMSS.
  • #35 –  @GovHITeditor – Tom Sullivan – I thought I had arrived when I got my first email from Tom asking if he could syndicate one of my posts! Which just happen to be the first interview I had with Mostashari (more proof of my meeting him). Thanks for reading Tom.
  • #46 – @drnic1 – Dr. Nick van Terheyden – Have you heard Dr. Nick’s radio show on our station yet? Voice of the Doctor is hosted by Dr. Nick where he interviews some of the biggest thought leaders of our time. Check out his show I guarantee you will learn something.
  • #47 – @ePatientDave – Dave deBronkart – Does he need an introduction? Another very special show on MU Live! with Dave. Download the podcast.
  • #48 – @EricTopol – Dr. Eric Topol – One of today’s most interesting people on my list. If you don’t know about him you should. Hear him talk to Dr. Nick on Voice of the Doctor about his vision for the futue of healthcare. Download the podcast.
  • #55 –  @kathymccoy – Kathy McCoy – I think she might be our biggest fan if we count tweeting our posts. She wrote a great 3 part series for us, The Brave New World of Healthcare IT, check it out. And we look forward to more from her. Thanks Kathy.
  • #61 – @harrygreenspun – Dr. Harry Greenspun – The first webinar I ever listened to on the HITECH Act before stage 1 final rule was given by Harry. I was a instant fan and have been ever since. We finally got him on MU Live! this year where we discussed the impact of mHealth on the industry. Download the podcast.
  • #82 – @JimTate – Jim Tate – Last but not least our third partner here at HITECH Answer, Jim. If you don’t know about Jim here is how you can: