Connecting the Dots

Data Sharing is Data Caring

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
Twitter: @drnic1
Host of Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist#TheIncrementalist

On this episode I talked to Sita Kapoor, CIO, and Co-Founder of HealthEC a data company that is connecting the dots in healthcare. As you will hear Sita has a fascinating background that started in the aeronautics sector as part of an engineering team that programmed the navigational backup system for the U.S. Air Force’s F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft and took raw real-time satellite telemetry data inputs to create actionable intelligence. She built the Med-Link clearinghouse and was involved in HIE’s before there was such a thing!

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The adjacent possible of high volume data processing and data cleanup that started with claims data and has to expend far beyond that to include payor data, clinical data, and patient data with object models from each of these domains all connected together.

They were challenged accurately matching patient data (you can read and hear more about that in this post Accurately Identifying Patients). A challenging problem that today they think they have it ~89% cracked but importantly send back errors to the source to be fixed there. From there they cleanse the data further, remove duplicates, determine the source of truth with conflicting information to produce clinical insights that feed their CareConnect platform that brings everything together in one place with insights and actionable intelligence.

Listen in to hear more details of the insights, how they have helped patients and clinicians in the new era of COVID19 and Sita’s overriding message of the need for healthcare to Come Together with data.

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