Coalition for ICD-10 Comments on CMS April End-to-End Testing

April-End-to-End-Testing-CommentThe Coalition for ICD-10 congratulates CMS on the success of its April end-to-end testing, which demonstrated that CMS systems are ready to accept ICD-10 claims. In particular, there were zero claims rejected due to front-end CMS system issues for professional and supplier claims. Of the 23,138 test claims received, half were professional claims.

While 12 percent of claims submitted for end-to-end testing were rejected, only two percent of the rejections were due to invalid submission of an ICD-10 diagnosis or procedure code. The remaining rejections were for non-ICD-10 related errors that have no bearing on ICD-10 implementation and would be rejected under ICD-9 (e.g., incorrect National Provider Identifier, Health Insurance Claim Number, or Submitter ID; dates of service outside the range valid for testing; invalid HCPCS codes; and invalid place of service).

With four months remaining to correct issues discovered during testing, the high rate of successful submission of ICD-10 codes is especially encouraging for physician offices since half the claims submitted for end-to-testing were professional claims. These results indicate that significant progress has been made since the January end-to-end testing with the overall rejection rate dropping from 19 to 12 percent and ICD-10 rejections dropping from 3 to 2 percent.

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This article was originally published on Coalition for ICD-10.