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Connecting the Dots

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Sita Kapoor, CIO, and Co-Founder of HealthEC a data company that is connecting the dots in healthcare.

The Long Fix

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Vivian Lee, MD PhD MBA, President Verily Health Platforms and author of “The Long Fix: Solving America’s Health Care Crisis with Strategies that Work for Everyone” and a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Medical School.

Shall We Play a Game

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Dr. Kathleen Carley, Ph.D., Professor at Carnegie Mellon University – School of Computer Science – Institute for Software Research & CEO of Netanomics. She heads up the Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS) that focuses on combatting disinformation online.

Embracing Health Tech to Navigate Change

By Scott Zeitzer – So far, this year has thrown a lot of unexpected changes in the way of medical practices. COVID-19 has forced a lot of practices to pivot quickly and change a lot of their normal processes to accommodate new requirements and patient needs. Those that could not pivot quickly have had a harder time recovering.

WD40 for Healthcare

New On Demand Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist: With guest Greg Johnsen, CEO of LifeLink – a company creating a frictionless experience for patients, providers, and researchers using chatbot technology.

Friday at Five – Meet the HealthcareNOW Radio Hosts

Listen NOW! Tune in for the latest on what’s new, what’s trending, or what’s next, 24/7 all talk all healthcare and health IT. We have 16 shows with 21 hosts leading you through each episode. This week’s Friday at Five introduces the hosts of each show on HealthcareNOW Radio. Check out the five infographics highlighting the shows and fun facts about each host.

Friday at Five – Staff Episode Picks

This week’s Friday at Five highlights some episodes the HealthcareNOW Radio staff enjoyed. Check out each of these five shows (Overrated and Underused, Conversations on Health Care, The Incrementalist, The Tate Chronicles, and 1st Health Compliance), and find out why the staff picked these episodes.