Hospital Readmissions

New AHRQ Database Tracks Hospital Readmission Rates

By Claudia Steiner MD, MPH – If you hear health services researchers talking about a “nerd,” you shouldn’t necessarily assume they’re talking about themselves. For now, they’re probably referring to a new database. The database in question—the Nationwide Readmissions Database or NRD (hence the nickname, “nerd”)—is the newest addition to AHRQ’s Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project.

National Campaigns to Reduce Readmissions: What Have We Learned?

By Elizabeth H. Bradley, Amanda Brewster & Leslie Curry – Many people, particularly older patients, are readmitted soon after being discharged from the hospital. These unexpected return visits are expensive and challenging for patients and their families, and costly for Medicare. Nearly 20 percent of Medicare beneficiaries experience an unplanned hospital readmission, with an estimated cost to the American public of about $26 billion per year.