Blue Button Patient Health Record Gets a Redesign

Blue Button Patient Health Record Gets a Redesign

Blue Button Patient Health Record Graphic Design Challenge Winners Named

Back in October we reported the Presidential Innovation Fellow and former startup founder Ryan Panchadsaram’s Buzz post on the joint challenge from the ONC and VA to rethink and reimagine the patient health record for the Blue Button project. The challenge invited graphic designers to submit a new way to visually present the record on variety of viewing devices like your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is currently a text only record and described as looking like a receipt of sorts. The idea is to then take the best or a combination of the best designs and create an open-source code. EHR vendors will be able to integrate the design, contribute to the open-source project, and aide in the national initiative to equip patients with the tools to become more engaged in their health.

The challenge design objectives were:

  1. Improve the visual layout and style of the information from the medical record
  2. Create a human-centered design that makes it easier for patient to manage their health
  3. Enable health professionals to more effectively understand and use patients’ health information
  4. Help family members and friends care for their loved ones

Over 230 designs were submitted, reviewed by a panel of experts, and the winners were selected.

Best Overall Design – 1st Place went to Nightingale a project submitted by the Chicago consulting firm, gravitytank.
Best Overall Design – 2nd Place went to Studio TACK submitted by the Brooklyn, NY design firm, Studio TACK.
Best Overall Design – 3rd Place went to Blue Button by Method a San Francisco, CA international experience design firm.

Best Medication Design – 1st Place went to M.ed by Josh Hemsley from Orange County CA.
Best Medication Design – 2nd Place went to MedPop by MedPop by Parsons Institute for Information Mapping, The New School in New York, NY.
Best Medication Design – 3rd Place went to Blue Button Narrative by independent designer from Champaign, IL.

Other categories of the contest were, Best Problem/Medical History, and Best Lab Summaries. View all the winners projects and showcase of more submissions at the challenge web site.