Advancing into a High-Performing Value-Based Network

A Conversation with Dr. Christopher Crow

Episode Overview
Over the past few years, the shift to value-based care has slowed down as organizations struggle with leadership alignment around care delivery advancements. However, lessons can be learned from organizations that have successfully advanced value-based care – including how to position the organization for value-based success, how to build performance based contracts, and how to create strong physician incentives.

On this episode of Value-Based Care Insights, host Daniel J. Marino and Dr. Christopher Crow, CEO and Co-Founder of Catalyst Health Group, discuss how to make changes in an organization’s culture, finances, and operations to successfully transition to value-based care.

Key points include:

  • Building a solid culture on trust is critical; it is all about physician alignment, performance outcomes, and transparency. A good trusting relationship makes it easier to align incentives over time.
  • Understanding the infrastructure requirements to support value-based contracts allows for timely recruitment and effective operational change management. Focus must be on team development, operational and clinical workflows, and technology to achieve high-performance and desired outcomes.
  • The cornerstone should be the physician-patient relationship – and these relationships take time and compound over time.

About The Show
From Healthcare NOW RadioValue-Based Care Insights is a podcast that explores how to optimize the performance of programs to meet the demands of an increasing value-based care payment environment. Hosted by Dan Marino (@DjmarinoHD), the VBCI podcast highlights recognized experts in the field and within Lumina Health Partners (@LuminaHP). Join the conversation on Twitter at #VBCInsights. This article was originally published on the Lumina Health Partners blog and is republished here with permission. For transcript, see original post.