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A Conversation with Jack Choi

Jack Choi, Founder and CEO, Anatomage
Twitter: @Anatomage

From his Ted Talk, Jack describes himself as an artist, designer, engineer, entrepreneur, idea generator, inventor, musician, and technologist. His areas of expertise are 3d software, medical imaging, and visualization. He is passionate about creating and developing innovative products. He believes and idea worth spreading is performing cadaver dissection without cadaver.

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Episode Takeaways

  1. Anatomage brings accurate medical solutions to healthcare providers while also inspiring the next generation of health professionals across the globe by providing the most diverse, complete and accurate digital anatomy of the human body.
  2. Understanding the complexities of human anatomy is paramount to high-quality health and science education, and Anatomage is preparing the next generation of healthcare leaders as an interactive educational resource that keeps student and educator needs at the center.
  3. Digital learning has become an integral part of how students engage with core content, and the Anatomage Table enables comprehensive anatomy education that is immersive and on-demand.
  4. Anatomage is at the forefront of our industry and in the next five years will continue to create solutions that will drive healthcare innovation and prepare learners for careers in healthcare.
  5. Anatomage has replicated the entire anatomy of a human body in digital form. But Anatomage is more than a digital anatomy table, it’s a digital healthcare platform dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people.


Joe Foster

Partner, Health Innovation and Transformation
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