2023 in Fives

A look back at 2023 with highlights from all things healthcare.

Healthcare NOW Radio by the Numbers

  1. Listeners on the radio
    1. 2023 = 551055
    2. All time listeners = 2.5 million
  2. Top countries listening to the radio:
    1. United States
    2. India
    3. France
    4. Canada
    5. Pakistan
  3. 2023 Episodes = 843
  4. 2023 Plays = 552,389
  5. 2023 Shows = 40

Trends we saw in 2023

  1. AI in Healthcare
  2. Workforce Challenges
  3. Interoperability
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Mental Health

Notable Funding Rounds

While not the largest healthcare funding this year, these show that having solutions to current healthcare challenges can still warrant money in this slowed down investor market.

  1. Monogram Health, Amount: $375 million
  2. ShiftKey, Amount: $300 million
  3. Arcadia, a healthcare data analytics company, received a $125 million investment from Vista Credit Partners.
  4. Artera, Amount: $90 million
  5. Clearsense, Series: D. Amount: $50 million

Biopharma’s top 5 IPOs of 2023

The IPO: $540 million in May

Apogee Therapeutics
The IPO: $345 million in July

The IPO: $358 million in September

Neumora Therapeutics
The IPO: $250 million in September

Mineralys Therapeutics
The IPO: $192 million in February

Source: PharmaVoice

5 Top Health Care Business Bankruptcies

Rite Aid
Seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it deals with lawsuits and losses. October 16, 2023

Envision Healthcare
Aprovider of outsourced emergency department services to hospitals that is backed by private equity firm KKR (KKR.N), received US bankruptcy court approval on Wednesday to split into two companies and cut over $7 billion in debt.

American Physician Partners
Files Chapter 11 Petitions as it finalizes orderly wind down, Sept 18, 2023

Babylon Health
Babylon Inc. and Babylon Healthcare Inc. are the two entities filing Chapter 7. There are hundreds of creditors, but as is typical in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, only the creditors secured by collateral will have some chance of being paid something on the dollar. August 2023

Pear Therapeutics
The Company intends to continue scaled-down operations during the Chapter 11 as it seeks to execute an expedited sale process. Having reached a settlement prior to the filing with its lender, Pear intends to use available cash to fund post-petition operations and costs in the ordinary course of its business. April 2023

5 Hospital Bankruptcy Filings

  1. Nacogdoches TX, Lion Star Hospital
  2. Austin TX, The Hospital at Westlake
  3. Madera CA, Madera Community Hospital
  4. Iowa City IA, Mercy Hospital -After facing possible involuntary receivership, Mercy Iowa City signed a letter of intent with the University of Iowa for the university to acquire all operating facilities and key assets of Mercy.
  5. Peru and Spring Valley IL, St. Margaret’s Health

5 Top Stories of 2023

  1. From the World Economic Forum, WHO declares loneliness a health threat, and other health stories you need to know this week.
  2. From Benefits Pro, the disruption of Pharmacy Benefit Management, The PBM unbundling has begun: How Blue Shield of California and others are embracing new models.
  3. From aboutAmazon.com,Amazon introduces compelling new health care benefit for Prime members for only $9 a month (or $99 a year)
  4. From Google Research, Med-PaLM, a large language model designed for the medical domain was launched this December.
  5. From The Sequoia Project, Data Usability Takes Root Nationwide Through a Joint Project Between The Sequoia Project and AHIMA. Initiative gets support from HCA, Epic, HIMSS EHRA, and Civitas among others.